Year 2 have had a very busy week continuing their learning about ‘Flower Power’.

In Art they have been looking at the work of artists Klimt and O’Keefe and considered carefully their likes or dislikes of the art work and gave thoughtful reasons why. They enjoyed using ‘stippling’ to create a tree painting in a similar design. We love how unique they all are!

In Science the children have began to draw conclusions from their investigations. They were interested to find that seeds can grow in different materials such as: cotton wool and sand, can grow in places where there is not much light and even some different liquids such as food colouring!

In Literacy Year 2 have been looking at the poem called the “Gardener’. They have analysed the poem and found similes and expanded noun phrases. They then wrote similes and noun phrases of their own and started to plan their own poem about a different job.

In Maths the children have been learning about Fractions. They have used a range of concrete and pictorial representations to find halves, quarters and thirds. They have been excellent at comparing fractions and solving problems. They have worked hard to extend their reasoning skills too.

There has been huge excitement in the classrooms as some very hungry caterpillars arrived! The children have adored helping to look after them and are eagerly awaiting them to start to form cocoons.

As we move into the last week of the term we are looking forward to seeing their home learning on Monday. We politely request that they return their library books to the classroom or Library on Monday 20th May.

Many thanks for your continued support, have a lovely weekend.

The Year 2 Team