Year 3

3TO: Amazing Architects!

3TO have started making their Ancient City-inspired models from household junk.  By the end of next week, they will be fantastic buildings… we hope!

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3CG design and make their Ancient City inspired buildings

The children enjoyed using the recycled materials to construct their Thai style buildings. They then used mod-roc to cover the structures and left it to dry. Everyone is looking forwards to painting them next week and making them look amazing!

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Weekly Review   Friday 23rd June 2017

It has been a busy penultimate week here in Year 3 with the children still working exceptionally hard!

This week in Literacy the children have looked at a range of adventure stories, searching for common features for this type of writing. The children will plan and write their own adventure story using the Ancient City as a stimulus for their setting.

In Numeracy the children have continued to learn how to find the area and perimeter of simple shapes with some children even looking at compound shapes. They have used these new skills to design their very own ancient city! Next they will revise division and multiplication methods.

In Topic lessons, the children have looked at the similarities and differences between the Bangkok of the past and the Bangkok of the present. They have used contrasting and comparing connectives to help them do this.

In Science, the children have continued to investigate magnets and which materials are magnetic.

In Art, we have made Thai temples made from the recycled materials the children have brought in. They have covered them with modroc and some will finish painting them next week.


Have a lovely weekend.


The Year 3 Team




Class parties are next Thursday 29th June. Children are allowed to bring in a change of clothes for the party. Parents are welcome to join us (in the classrooms) from 1.50pm.


There will be no more homework this term. However children will be given their holiday journals. It is up to the children whether they fill these in and if they are they can be given to the child’s new teacher in August.


The children will be visiting Year 5 classes next week as part of their ‘enterprise’ week. Children are asked to ring in 100 Baht to purchase items made by the Year 5 classes.


On Monday, Year 3 will have their final celebration assembly of the Year. Children should wear their house shirts.


The school closes for summer on Friday 30th June at 12:40pm.

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3DO are making shapes!

3DO were given the area or perimeter of a shape and had to make it using cones and a trundle wheel. It’s not as easy as it looks!

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3DS modeling with modrock!

Earlier this week 3DS had fun getting messy while covering their junk constructions in modrock. Their Thai temples, salas and statues are shaping up very nicely and they can’t wait to show you the finished things next week!


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3CN investigate friction using different surfaces

As part of our Science topic on forces 3CN carried out an investigation today linked to friction, trying to answer the question, which material will make a toy car move the furthest? Here are some images of the children carrying out this investigation.

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3CN use Mod-rock on their Thai sculptures

3CN had a very messy, but fun Art lesson today. After last week creating our Thai sculpture designs using old cardboard boxes and recycled items, today we began covering our sculptures in Mod-rock to make them hard enough to paint.

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3TO: Magnet explorers!

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Year 3 weekly review 16/06/17

Dear Parents,

The children have continued to work hard all week and with lots of work to finish before the end of the term, we are still very busy! All classes have also been supporting the Year 2 children with their transition by having them up to the classrooms to help with activities like ‘tying a tie’, helping them to understand the 10 day cycle timetable, as well as answering any questions they have.

In Literacy, we have worked completed our work on poetry.  We have written our own endangered animal poems based on the point of view from an animal that has its habitat destroyed or is taken from its home to live as a pet. The children are now moving on to their final Literacy unit on adventure stories.

In Numeracy, we have looked at the perimeter and area of different 2D shapes. We have been using different materials to help us with this and some children have even found the area and perimeter of compound shapes as well as using numbers with decimals.

In Science, we have continued to look at forces and magnets.  Year 3 have investigated which materials are magnetic, and which are not and discovered that not all metal surfaces are magnetic! (Only Iron and steel).

In Topic, we are looking at different Thai historical time periods and made our own time lines based on these times. We (the teachers) also learnt how to work out the Thai year!

In Art, the children have started to make their own Thai temple models and some have even started to use mod rock to cover their models. A huge thank you for all the materials you all brought in.

Have a great weekend and thank you for your continued support.

Year 3 Team


Dates to be aware of:

In the final week (Day to be confirmed) – Year 5 Charity enterprise. Children will need 100B to buy items the Year 5’s have made.

Friday 30th June – Final day! School will finish at 12.40pm.

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3CN go on an adventure

In Literacy today 3CN continued their work on adventure stories. The children were introduced to the book ‘The Tunnel-by Anthony Browne’. We then used drama to think about where a tunnel would take us on an adventure.

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