Year 3

Weekly Bulletin – Friday 14th June

What another busy week in Year 3! We have continued to learn about our topic for this half term – Ancient City Adventure – as well as begin to prepare for the end of a very successful academic year. 

In Literacy, we have loved reading more of ‘Varjak Paw’, using the text as a stimulus for our own poems and diary entries. We have been challenging ourselves to include our ‘toolkit features’ checklist in our writing as well.

In Maths, we have used a range of strategies to find fractions of amounts as well as develop our reasoning skills when solving problems related to fractions.

In Science, we have investigated and discussed how magnets act as a non-contact force, using technical vocabulary in our explanations. 

In Art, we have explored the architecture at Ancient City and started to design the basic structure for our own sculptures. 

Have a great weekend.

Year 3 team



Reminder: The children will be given all their work from the year to take home on Wednesday 26th/Thursday 27th June.  Please send the children to school with a large bag before this date.

Friday 21st June: End of year reports go live to parents. 

Tuesday 25th June: Year 5 Charity Enterprise Sale. Children are welcome to bring in 100B (maximum) to buy items and support a great cause. Also, Year 3 Celebration Assembly. Children are welcome to wear house shirts on this day. 

Thursday 27th June: Year 3 Class Parties (parents welcome to join from 11.30am). Children may bring party clothes into school to get changed into. 

Friday 28th June: Last day of term. School finishes at 12.40pm. Please make arrangements to have your child picked up at this time.

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Using drama in 3DO

In Literacy we have been using freeze frames to help us understand about the 7 ways of Jalal. Do you remember the 6 we looked at today?

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Weekly Review 7th June 2019

Dear parents,

We’ve had a great week, with the highlight being our fantastic trip to Ancient Siam! The children enjoyed spotting several historical sculptures and landmarks which celebrate the authenticity of Thailand. They engaged in a range of activities, including sketching, pattern making and researching.


In Literacy, the children have been introduced to their new model text Varjak Paw. They have been engaging with the story and creating their own story boards.


In Maths, the children have continued their work on fractions. They have been finding unit fractions of shapes and amounts all the way up to tenths!

In Science, the children have started their new unit on magnets. They are keen to find out more!

In Art, using Ancient Siam as a stimulus, the children will make their own city sculptures.

Have a great weekend.

Year 3 team



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3DO’s sustainable goals inventions.

A big well done to all the children from 3DO who shared their projects on Friday. The children could explain their idea clearly and presented confidently to their classmates. A huge thank you and well done to all. More to follow. See you Friday 31st!

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3OB – Numicon Fraction Robots

This week, 3OB have started learning about fractions. To get us engaged in the topic, we created our very own ‘Numicon Robots’ and explored the fractions that were created from different parts of the robots’ bodies. Take a look at our wonderful learning:

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Weekly review – 17/05/19

Dear Parents,


We have enjoyed another action-packed week at school. Time really does fly when you’re having fun- there are only two weeks left of this half term to go! We are all looking forward to our very own Caine’s fair in 2 weeks and are busy designing and making!

In Literacy, we have been learning about explanation texts. We have been thinking about the features, learnt about cause and effect conjunctions, labelled diagrams and are presently planning to write our very own invention!

In Maths, we have been learning all about division. The children have divided a 2 digit number by a one digit number, including exchanging! The concrete resources have really helped deepen the children’s’ understanding. Some classes have been learning about scaling

In Topic, we have been considering the impact that various inventions have had on our developing world. We had to order different inventions from those, which had the least to the most impact. Some of us completed consequence wheels, considering how the world would be different today if some of the inventions had never happened.

In Computing, we have been learning about algorithms and using this information to create our own, which we will use for our very own arcade games.

In Science, we have been learning about seed dispersal. We have displayed the different ways that seeds are dispersed in a poster. 

In Art, we have continued to learn about how we can create different tones using hatching and cross-hatching. We tried to replicate some of the work of Leonardo de Vinci, who used this method regularly in his work. 


Have a great weekend,

Year 3 Team



Please could the children bring in their blazers by Wednesday 22nd May.

Year 3 arcade, Friday 31st May. Please continue to bring in cardboard boxes and recyclable materials. 

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3JS/1LJ Collaboration

This week 3JS visited 1LJ to share their persuasive writing about a South American country. 1LJ enjoyed the visit and voted for their favourite country. The eventual winner was Brazil.

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Weekly Review – 03/05/19

Dear Parents,

We have had a lovely week in Year 3, working hard and finding out how to write instructions and had a celebration assembly to acknowledge all the efforts and achievements the children have achieved in Term 2B. Today we gathered as a community to show our deepest respects and admiration on the auspicious occasion of the Coronation of King Vajiralongkorn.

In Literacy, we have learnt the features of instruction texts, including imperative (bossy) verbs and how to use them. We hope they don’t get used too much at home!

In Maths, we have begun our unit on Multiplication and Division. The children have been busy practising their 3, 4 and 8 times tables as well as finding different ways to represent these problems.

In Topic, the children have developed their understanding of chronology and been able to order inventions onto a timeline. They have also begun researching different inventions and the impact they have had on life.

In Science, we completed our investigation of how plants transport water. We focused on the evaluation aspect of an experiment and the children were able to identify what went well and what could be improved.

In Art, Year 3 have continued looking at the work of Leonardo Da Vinci and began using different sketching techniques, with a focus on tone to recreate his works.

Dates to be aware of:

Monday 6th May – School Closed
Friday 10th May – Non Uniform Day
Friday 31st May – Speech Day and Invention Arcade (More details to follow)

We hope you have a relaxing weekend.

The Year 3 Team

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Beat The Clock

As part of 3JS’s work on time, they were doing activities and timing how long they took. They then converted these into seconds.Click the image above to watch a video of the fun.


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Celebration Assembly!

We had lots to celebrate this month, including those children who have demonstrated our new character strength ‘Courage’. 

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