Year 3

3DO toy animal market!

3DO have made animals using cubes. They then ‘sold’ them to other members of the class, using money to pay for them and using a number line to find the totals.

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Animal Challenges!

This week we used our knowledge of place value and the number system to solve a number of different challenges.  We made animal models and weighed them, then used the results to solve our problems.  Can you tell what animals we made?













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Year 3 Celebration Assembly

What a wonderful 5 weeks of learning we have had already! The children have become very settled into the Year 3 routine and we have been pleased to see such outstanding achievements already! Congratulations to all reading and celebration certificate winners. Also to 3TO and 3CG who won our two mascot bears – Mr Punky and Mr Perfect.

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Weekly Review 21.9.17

Year 3 have worked really hard so far this year, and thoroughly deserve a long weekend!  Today we had a lovely Celebration Assembly, in which we rewarded children who have worked hard and demonstrated their love of reading.  Well done to 3TO and 3CG for winning the attendance and punctuality prizes!

In Literacy, we have continued working on poetry, exploring similes, onomatopoeia and alliteration.  Soon we will use these features to write our own exciting animal poems.   We will also be revisiting setting descriptions to see how much we can remember!

In Numeracy, we have continued to learn about ‘Number and Place Value’.  We have used partitioning to make amounts of money, and made endangered animal models for solving a selection of challenges.

In Science,  we used our knowledge of healthy eating and food groups to make a picnic next to the river.  We made fruit kebabs, sandwiches and wraps, a rainbow salad, and some mini cookies for desert!  Delicious!

In Topic, we have continued learning about endangered animals. Our knowledge is really growing and we have further investigated the reasons why animals become endangered.  We have realized that the more we understand these reasons, the more we can do to help the animals.

In Art, we have started taking pictures in the style of Joel Sartore.  We are taking the simplicity and emotion of his pictures and applying them to our own work.  We are also getting excited about Art Week!

We really hope you have a lovely long weekend: recharge your batteries and get ready for next week!

The Year 3 Team


Art Week:  Art week starts on Monday!  Please make sure your child brings in an apron or t shirt that they can wear for messy art projects.

Long Term Projects:  The children have been given a long term project to work on.  They have 4 weeks to complete it, so there is no rush.  Please encourage them to take their time to make it amazing!  All the details are in their homework books and on Firefly:

Swimming Gala: Wednesday 11th October during lessons 5 and 6. Parents are welcome to come along to cheer the children along!


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3RK – Akimbo’s Problem Solving

We have been busy this week solving place value problems for Akimbo! First we had to create 6 animals for each group. then we had to solve problems based on rounding, partitioning, ordering and comparing. We had to use all of our skills, including excellent team work to solve the answers!






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World peace day and a healthy picnic!

It was world peace day for year 3. Thanks for coming dressed in blue. You looked great. We also made some healthy sandwiches and wraps and then had a picnic. Other foods included fruit kebabs, a delicious salad and some chocolate chip cookies. Yum!

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Place Value Challenge

After a few weeks of learning all about place value, 3JB put all of their knowledge and skills into practice during our two day problem solving challenge.

Children cooperated with their group to round, partition, order and compare numbers. Super team work 3JB!

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3RK – Joel Satore Photography!

In 3RK, we have been studying the famous photographer, Joel Satore, who captures images of endangered animals on a black or white background. He uses a different focus each time, as well as different angles. The children really enjoyed creating a ‘photo ark’ of images in the style of Joel’s work!

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Making money in 3DO

3DO have been making different amounts of money using Thai coins and notes. Great job everyone. Don’t spend all that pocket money at once!


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Numeracy Investigations in 3CG

3CG have been using all of the knowledge and skills they have learnt over the past few weeks in Numeracy to carry out an investigation. They enjoyed making African animals using multi-link, weighing them then using their weights in a variety of different ways to solve the mathematical problems.

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