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3OB Celebrate Roald Dahl Day!

Last Friday, 3OB celebrated Roald Dahl Day by reading a selection of his ‘Revolting Rhymes’ with Year 9. Not only did we enjoy laughing at Dahl’s rhymes but we also practised and performed one poem of choice in smaller groups. To engage the audience, we used clear and loud speaking voices as well as included actions for different parts of the poem! Have a look at us in action…

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Weekly Review Friday 14th September 2018

We have had a very exciting week in Year 3.  The children ran their cross country races with enthusiasm and showed perseverance. The children enjoyed Roald Dahl day where they read and performed poems by Roald Dahl with Year 9 pupils.

In Literacy, we have been identifying verbs in poems and have also had opportunities to perform poems in class.  We have identified and used different tenses.  The children are able to explain the difference between the past, present and future tense.  Next week we will be focusing on using similes and alliteration.

In Numeracy, we have been learning to find 10/100 more and less than a 3 digit number. The children have been practising counting in multiples of 50 and 100.  They have estimated and written numbers on a number line.  Next week will be focusing on addition and subtraction.

In Science, we have designed our own healthy lunches explaining reasons for our choices.  The children discussed the importance of a balanced diet and how we could improve our eating habits. The children have learned the names of the main food groups that make up their diet.

In Topic, the children have been finding out the reasons why some animals are endangered.  They have learned about how deforestation, pollution and over fishing can contribute to animals becoming endangered.

In Art, we have been representing different animal prints with a range of media. We have also been studying photography of endangered animals, taken by the talented photographer ‘Joel Sartore’.


World Peace Day

On Friday (21st September), we will gather as a whole school community to mark World Peace Day. Children are invited to wear blue or white and can donate 100B to support our school charity partnerships.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Year 3 Team

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3JS – Roald Dahl Day

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3RK Roald Dahl Day!

Today marked the birthday of a famous author we all know and love – Roald Dahl! The children learned about his life history and performed some of his ‘Dirty Beasts’ poems with the Year 9 children. It was great to see Senior school mix with the Junior school children and for them to perform together!

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3JS Endangered Teddy Photo Ark

Another fun-packed week in 3JS. Our study of endangered animals saw us mimic the photography of Joel Sartore, an acclaimed photographer who has created the PhotoArk website to raise awareness of endangered species through his photographs. See below some of our efforts in recreating shots in his style.


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3IS representing numbers up to 1000 in Maths

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3DO have been learning about endangered animals in Topic

3DO have been classifying animals according to their levels of threat. We were shocked to see so many animals that are critically endangered. But, we learnt the giant panda is now only vulnerable.

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Weekly Review – Friday 7th September 2018

Weekly Review – Friday 7th September 2018

This week, Year 3 have continued to engage with their learning and are settling into the routines of Prep School. We have explored our topic ‘Endangered Animals’ in more detail and have demonstrated our creativity and tremendous efforts through the first home learning activity of the year. Homework this week has included animal designs made from fruit, 3D models of endangered animals using recyclable materials and informative fact files about endangered species. Great work Year 3!

In Literacy, we have used our text maps from the first chapter of ‘Akimbo and the Elephants’ to imitate and adapt the book’s description of Africa to suit a Bangkok setting. We used our own experiences and the toolkit features for a setting description (such as the five senses and noun phrases) to help our readers really imagine what Bangkok is like.

In Numeracy, we have continued our place value work to compare and order numbers up to 1,000. We have explored the use of mathematical signs such as > < and = to compare numbers and used vocabulary such as ‘ascending’ and ‘descending’ to order numbers accordingly. We have also used our reasoning skills to explain how we know we are correct as well as problem solved using the skills we have learnt.

In Science, we have started our topic ‘Animals, including Humans’ and are initially focused on healthy eating. This week, we investigated the different food groups and what constitutes a healthy plate, thinking about our own food choices too.

In Topic, we explored the idea of ‘Endangered Animals’ in greater depth by looking at different levels of threat that animals may face in the wild. We used the ipads to research whether certain animals were critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable at present.

In Art, we became photographers ourselves by setting up mini studios and taking a series of photos of our (cuddly) animals in the style of Joel Sartore. We used plain white or black backgrounds as well as concentrated on the focus and angle of the photos to imitate our focus artist.


Monday 10th September – Year 3 children will take part in an Inter-House cross country competition during their usual PE lesson (Lesson 4). Please can children wear house shirts on this day (instead of their PE tops) along with their usual PE shorts and trainers.

Wednesday 12th September – Class Rep Meeting (Recital Hall – 2.45pm)

Friday 21st September – World Peace Day

You-Time! Please check your child’s You-time allocation for any errors. In addition, if your child is not attending a You-time for any particular reason, please communicate this with your child’s class teacher, on the day of the activity.

Black Shoes and Hats- Just a reminder all children should be wearing black shoes to school.

Have an enjoyable weekend.

The Year 3 Team

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3RK Joel Sartore’s Photo Ark

In 3RK we have been taking photos as part of our Art lessons in the style of Joel Sartore. We have been thinking carefully about angles, composition and layout. Using ‘animals’ we set our photo spaces with white backgrounds and then created our own photo arks on ipads using pic collage!

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Comparing Numbers in 3OB

3OB have eagerly jumped straight into their learning this week! In Maths, we have started to compare numbers up to 1,000 using symbols such as > < and =. Today, we worked collaboratively with our partners to compare numbers that we made using the Base 10 resources. We also practised our reasoning skills by explaining how we knew which numbers were ‘greater than’ or ‘less than’ each other. What a fantastic start to the week!

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