This has been a very busy and exciting week for everyone.  We really enjoyed the Songkran celebrations on Monday, and had great fun with our South America day on Thursday. Thank you for coming to watch Year 3’s carnival, it was great to see so many parents there.


On South America day…

With Mr Oxland, the children learned about and made some lovely artwork in the style of the columbian Kuna tribe.


With Miss Gilbert, the children worked as Incan messengers.  They had to memorise a message and then run a long way to pass the messages on.  It was interesting to hear how the messages changed as they went along!


With Ms Bell, Year 3 took part in a South America scavenger hunt, finding out all about The animals of the Amazon Rainforest.


With Mr O’Brien, the children competed in a quiz to see who could answer the most questions correctly about South America.  They found lots of great information, including some grisly facts about the Incas!


In Literacy, we have finished our South American country persuasive writing, and have presented our writing in a leaflet. The children are now experts at persuading!


In Maths we have continued our work on Statistics, The children have been interpreting and understanding bar charts. Some of the classes have drawn their own, deciding on an appropriate scale and are now challenging themselves to follow their own line of enquiry.


In Science we completed our capillary action experiments, and we will start looking at the pollination process after the holiday.


In Art we finished our carnival headdresses, which many of you saw at our parade on Thursday.  We think they were fantastic!


We wish you all a very happy Songkran holiday and hope you have a relaxing break.  Please encourage your children to read as much as possible, and to complete their holiday journals for homework. We have also given the children their long term project so that they can begin thinking about what they want to do.

Kind regards,

The Year 3 Team


Monday 23rd April is an INSET day for the staff, so children should not come to school.

School starts again on Tuesday 25th April.