Dear Parents,
The children have enjoyed starting our new topic, ‘Ancient City’ having now finished all the work from ‘Inventors’. It has been a great week, with everyone working hard with lots of earning going on.

In Literacy, we have been studying the book, ‘Varjak Paw”. We have read a huge chunk of the story, creating a story board of the events so far as well as writing poems about the ‘monsters’ in the story. Some classes have looked at direct speech and diary entries. All this is preparation for writing part of our own story soon.

In Maths, we have been looking at efficient ways to multiply and divide accurately. The children are working hard to understand each step and be able to explain what his happening at every stage. We are working hard with our times tables and corresponding division facts.

In Topic, we have studied the different time periods during Thai history and put these in chronological order on our own time line, converting the year to the Buddhist era date too.

In Computing, we have started to investigate email. The children have practised writing an email to a fictional character and learnt all the technical vocabulary associated with electronic mail.

In Science, we have been learning about the scientist Michael Faraday. He was responsible for creating the first electric motor. Ask your child if you want to know anything more about him!

In Art, we have made our Thai temples using the junk that has been bought in. We have designed our models and then put them together using tape. Some are really creative and we look forward to the next step of adding modroc to them.
Have a great weekend,

Year 3 Team

Monday June 18th – Transition week. (Lesson 6, Monday to Thursday). Children from Year 2 will be coming up to Year 3. The Year 3 pupils will be showing them how to tie a tie, how the timetable works amongst other important skills.