Weekly Review – Friday 12th October

As half term finally falls upon us, we can reflect on a very busy but exciting first half term in Year 3. We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about ‘Endangered Animals’  and were very excited to showcase our amazing animal t-shirt designs at the fashion show this week to help promote animal protection. On Tuesday, we also had a great time participating in the Year 3 Swimming Gala and working with our Houses to try some wonderful wizardry challenges! We would like to take this opportunity to thank parents for all their support, not only during this week’s events, but across the whole half term and would like to wish everyone a relaxing and safe holiday. The Year 3 team are looking forward to reading the children’s holiday journals after half term to find out about all the brilliant things you have been doing over the half term break.

In Literacy, we have continued our learning about non-chronological reports and looked at the structure of such reports, including the use of a title, sub-headings and clear paragraphs. We have also ‘magpied’ key words and phrases from the model text about Giant Pandas to support us when writing our own reports, which we have started this week and will continue during the first three days back after half term.

In Numeracy, we moved on to using formal written (column) methods of addition and subtraction to add/subtract two 3-digit numbers. We have also used our reasoning and problem-solving skills to identify the most efficient methods for different calculations as well spot and correct errors when using this method, which has helped us to develop a deeper understanding of these key skills.

In Art, we worked extremely hard to design and print our animal-inspired t-shirts. Not only did we create prints of some of the most endangered animals but we also used slogans to help people to think about the issues and promote animal conservation.

In Science, we conducted an investigation based upon the question, ‘Can people with longer legs, jump further than those with shorter legs?’ This was based on our observations about human and animal skeletons, in particular how the skeleton of a frog is designed to support it in jumping long distances. Before investigating, we made predictions based upon our previous knowledge and reflected on these after analysing the results.

In Topic, we have been discussing the United Nation’s ‘Global Goals for Sustainable Development’ with a particular focus on ‘Life Below Water’ and ‘Life on Land’. As part of this, we have explored our own ‘kindred animal spirits’ using ICT and created our own pledges to support the Goals.

We wish you a very enjoyable half term and we look forward to welcoming the children back, refreshed and ready to learn on Wednesday 24th October.

The Year 3 Team


Half Term Break: Monday 15th October – Tuesday 23rd October. Children return to school on Wednesday 24th October.

Saturday 27th October: Aquathon Event (Shrewsbury Riverside)

Week beginning 29th October: Ex Cathedra visit to Shrewsbury.