Dear Parents,

Welcome back and we hope you had a wonderful break. The children are well rested and eager to take on the new challenges that 2019 has to offer! Preparations for the show are well underway, and we would like to say a big thank you to our Parent Reps who have worked incredibly hard to start getting the costumes sourced during the holidays and this week.

In Literacy, the children are beginning to explore play scripts. They shared what they already know about play scripts and they have made a class tool kit to understand the correct features in play scripts. They have also acted out of different scenes to their class, using stage directions and sound cues.

In Math,s the children are continuing to learn about measure. We have been using Cuisenaire rods to add and subtract different lengths. As usual, we have started with concrete resources, moving onto pictures than moving into the more abstract number sentences.

In Topic, we have been learning about grid references and maps, The children played a game of ‘Battleships’ to help remember to move along horizontally and then vertically when reading a grid reference,

In Science, we have concluded our topic on rocks. The children took part in an investigation to see which type of rock was the hardest. They made the test fair and came to their own conclusions. Next week we are moving onto ‘Light and shadows’.

In Art we have begun an artist study of Quentin Blake, the illustrator who worked with Roald Dahl. The children researched his art online and made a montage of their favourite illustrations, which will help to inspire them in future lessons.


Have a great weekend

Year 3 Team



  • Please help the children to learn their lines, as we will be starting to rehearse next week in the memorial hall.
  • The show will be on Thursday 14th February at 8.00am. Please come along to support all the children if you can.
  • Sports day will take place on Thursday 7th More details will follow nearer the time.