It has been an incredibly busy week with our ‘Fully Booked’ activities. We are hugely appreciative for all of your hard work with the children’s costumes. It was also great to see you at the parent meetings and thank you for your continued support.

This week the children have had their learning based around ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ story. This is linked with our topic ‘Super South America’ and the children completed a range of activities based around deforestation and conserving the environment.

In Literacy, we have been visualising the Amazon Rainforest and also debating whether trees should be cut down or not. The children used persuasive techniques and had a very mature verbal debate. We look forward to continuing our work around this theme next week.

In Maths, We have moved on to the topic, ‘Statistics’. The children have been using data to construct pictograms and bar charts. They have been interpreting different types of charts and graphs, using data based on the book ‘If the world were a village’.

In Science, the children have been sharing their prior knowledge of plants, as well as explaining the function of the roots and the stem. They also sketched flowers which they took pictures of around the school.

In Art, the children took inspiration from ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ to create their own sketch. They then used pastels to blend colours¬† to complete their designs.

In Topic, The children have been locating countries found in South America using atlases and google earth. They then identified the capital cities of each country.

We hope you have a restful weekend!

The Year 3 Team