We have had a very busy and exciting week in Year 3.  Our work has continued to be based on our topic ‘Super South America.’


In Literacy, we have created text maps using  a persuasive text on South America.  We included key topic words, adjectives and clear pictures in our work.  We have identified key features of a persuasive text.


In Maths, we have continued to focus on telling the time. We have recorded times with 5 minute intervals on analogue clocks and written their matching digital times.  Please continue to practise telling the time at home.


In Science, we have enjoyed investigating different types of soils.  It was especially fun collecting soil samples around our school and describing them using our senses.


In Art, we have continued to study South American patterns.  We are now creating our own patterns inspired by South America on fabric.


In Topic, we made bar charts to show the temperatures in each month of South American countries. We compared how the temperatures differed across the year.


Have a great weekend!


The Year 3 Team



Dates For The Diary;

Here are some dates and info for your diary:


Charity Fair – Monday 25th March


This will take place after school outside on the playground and in the Morris Forum area. This will start from 2:45. There will be various stalls and activities for the children to enjoy!


Songkran Celebrations


Wednesday 3rd April


We will celebrate Songkran on this day. Please can children arrive to school in a flowery shirt.


Thursday 4th April, Lesson 2 (PE)

Year 3 Songkran Water Play: Monday 25th March lesson 3.

As part of Songkran celebrations, the PE department have kindly agreed to let our pupils use one of their sessions for water play before the end of the term.


​For this session, pupils will need to bring: A full swimsuit or a change of clothes


Plastic bag for the wet clothes


Small bucket




Sun Cream


If this event is cancelled due to Heat Index or AQI, we will inform you in advance.


Metro Forest trip – Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th March.


A letter has already been sent with information about what is needed and which class will be going on which day. Thank you for returning the medical forms. A small back pack can be used and doesn’t have to be a Shrewsbury one.


Super South America Day


This will also take place on Thursday 4th April. Children are encouraged to wear clothes in the colours of a South American country or flag. They could also wear colourful carnival clothes. We invite parents to join us at 1:45pm outside the prep school building to watch the Year 3 Samba Marches! We look forward to seeing you there!