Dear Parents,
As part of our ‘Plants’ topic, we visited Metro Forest to learn more about how Bangkok has changed over time, including the loss of our forests and the pollution levels rising. The children learned how this company have planted a ‘forest within the city’ preserving the environment. They also did collage with leaves and developed their understanding of what plants need to survive. We all really enjoyed the day and it tied in well with our work on the Great Kapok Tree and Super South America.

In Literacy, we have been researching South American countries and gathering facts for our persuasive writing. We have learned a lot about the features of persuasive writing, for example using superlatives, rhetorical questions and the power of three. We are looking forward to using them in our brochures.

In Maths, we have continued our work on time. We have been learning about the duration of time and comparing different lengths of time.
In Topic, we have continued researching South America and making comparisons between different localities. We have researched the Rio carnival, and learnt what an amazing spectacle it is!

In Science, we furthered our knowledge of water transport in plants. We looked at real soil and learnt about what soil comprised of.
In Art, we have continued working on our fabrics and carnival head-wear. We look forward to sharing these with you at our Super South America carnival!

There are lots of exciting things coming up in the last week of term, so please keep an eye out for notes from teachers in communication books.
Have an enjoyable weekend,

The Year 3 Team

Dates to be aware of:

Thursday 4th April – South America Day.  Children are asked to wear bright clothing in the colours of a South American country.  Parents are invited to join us downstairs at 1.45 for a mini carnival celebration!  Lesson 2 PE will happen as normal on this day.

The annual Fun Run will take place on Thursday 4th April after our South America Day. The theme for this year’s event is “Make a splash at the Disco Dash”. Think wigs and sunglasses to go with this year’s Fun Run t-shirt.

We will finish at 12.40 on Friday 5th April, as it is the end of term.