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Share a book you love with 3DO and 8SH

We were delighted to host 8SH to read to us today. We talked about books we loved and then read to the year 8’s. It was great experience. Well done to all involved.


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Weekly Bulletin – Friday 1st March 2019

What a busy first week back after the half term break! We hope you all had a restful and enjoyable holiday. This week, Year 3 have been completing their ‘Showstopper’ topic from last half term ready for lots of exciting reading-based activities and learning during next week’s ‘Fully Booked Week’. 

In Literacy, we have been planning and writing our own traditional tales based upon the toolkit features we identified last half term. We have been working really hard to use paragraphs, speech and traditional story openers/endings correctly.  

In Maths, we have continued our learning about 2D and 3D shapes, using our reasoning skills to describe and compare their properties. We have also explored ‘2D nets’ and looked at how they are used to construct 3D shapes.

In Topic, we have applied our map and grid reference skills to create a fairy-tale map to house our Revolting Rhymes characters. We also included a key to make the map easier to understand.

In Science, we have completed our final investigation into shadows – looking carefully at the relationship between the size of a shadow and the distance of an object from the light source. We made observations using shadow puppets and recorded our results in a table. 

In Art, we have been busy working on our final piece for this topic – a self-portrait in the style of Quentin Blake. After carefully sketching ourselves, we used watercolours (like Blake) to add detail and colour to our art work. 

Have an enjoyable weekend.

The Year 3 Team



W/B 4th March: Fully Booked Week

Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th March: Parent-Teacher meetings 

Friday 8th March: ‘Fully Booked Week’ book character dress up day. A parade for parents will take place during lesson 1 (from 7.50am) on the school playground. 

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3IS Learn About How Shadows Are Formed

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3OB Explore Shadows

This week, 3OB have exploring the concept of shadows as part of our Science topic – Light and Shadow. We took a visit to the playground to explore how shadows are made as well as how they can change depending on the light source and distance from it. 

Take a look at some of our Pic Collages to explain our learning:

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3DO – Maths. 3D shapes

3DO have been working really hard using nets to make 3D shapes. A really enjoyable lesson, great job everyone!

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Revolting rhymes, 15th February 2019


What a week this has been! The show was a resounding success. The children gave, by far, their best performance in the final Thursday performance and did us all proud. A few people deserve a special mention: The class reps, the costumes looked absolutely outstanding, the TA’s, who worked tirelessly behind the scenes and finally our very own Mr. King, who helped direct and put the whole extravaganza together. It was a huge amount of work for everyone involved, but after seeing it, we are sure you are as proud of the children as us and agree it was all worth it. 

Thank you for all coming and have a restful holiday. The children certainly deserve it.

The Year 3 team


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3RK Measuring Shadows

In 3RK, we have been investigating how shadows change in size depending how near or far the light source is from an object. We then recorded our results and observations and wrote detailed conclusions to explain our findings!


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3OB Meet Jayne The Illustrator!

Year 3 are currently exploring the illustrator – Quentin Blake – as part of our Art project this half term. Today, they had a fantastic opportunity to meet a real-life illustrator – Jayne Schofield! We created our very own illustrations under Jayne’s guidance as well as our own characters. We also had a Q&A session and found out what it was like to be an illustrator. Take a look at us in action…

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3IS create their own Revolting Rhymes programs!

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Weekly Review: Friday 25th January

Dear Parents,


This week the children have worked very hard when practising for the upcoming Year 3 Show!  They are excited to present the show to you and have been developing great acting and speaking skills.  The children have enjoyed practising singing the songs for our show and well done to everybody that is learning their lines and songs at home – Keep it up!


In Literacy, the children are writing their own scripts for a well -known short story and have incorporated the features of script writing into their own work.


In Maths, the children have learnt about finding the perimeter of compound shapes.  They are beginning to work on position and direction where the focus is on ‘turns and right-angles.’


In Topic, the children are enjoying developing their map skills.  They have been reading and writing grid references as well as recognising map symbols.


In Science, the children are beginning to investigate the terms ‘transparent,’ ‘translucent,’ and ‘opaque.’


In Art, the children have continued to use the illustrator ‘Quentin Blake’ as their stimulus for sketching.


Have an enjoyable weekend.


The Year 3 Team


Please continue to help the children to learn their lines and practice singing the songs for our Year 3 show.  You can find the songs/scripts on firefly:

Year 3/4 Sports day – Thursday 7th February (8am – 9.30am). Please can children wear house shirts, PE shorts and trainers on this date. Water bottles and hats will also be necessary.

Celebration of Chinese New Year – Friday 1st February

FOBISIA Short Story Competition  – Due by Monday 4th February

Year 3 Show – Thursday 14th February (8.00am). Please come to watch this fantastic show and support the children.

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