This week, we have been busy learning and participating in fundraising activities. On Wednesday, Year 4 went ‘crazy’ and were sponsored to style their hair in wonderfully crazy ways to raise money for charity. After school, we were also part of the Charity Fair and led the ‘Penalty Shootout’ stall, in which the Year 4 teachers demonstrated their ‘excellent’ goalkeeping skills. Can we reiterate our utmost gratitude for your fantastic support with these events and your ongoing support throughout the year to help our charity work.

This week, we also had the opportunity to watch Year 3’s production of Shrek, which thoroughly entertained us all! Thank you for inviting us and well done to the Year 3 team!

In Literacy, we have started a new genre of writing – explanation texts. We will be creating our own ‘creatures’ that can survive natural disasters and then explaining how they are adapted to their hostile environments. This week, we have gained exposure to a range of different  texts as well as identified the ‘toolkit’ features for a great piece of explanation writing to help us when we write our own next week.

In Numeracy, we have continued to develop and consolidate our understanding of time. This week, we have focused on conversion between 12 and 24 hour times as well as deepened our understanding of time intervals and duration. We have enjoyed the challenge of creating an itinerary for a tourist visiting Thailand for a week, thinking carefully about timings and the duration of trips.

In Humanities, we have been designing our own quizzes based upon the knowledge and skills we have learnt regarding natural disasters around the world and the historical events of Pompeii. In Science, we have been investigating the relationship between pitch and the features of the object producing the sound, using different length straws. In Art, we started work on our final pieces for this half term. We will be applying the brush skills we have practised over the last few weeks to sketch and paint our own ‘natural disaster’ scene using water colours.

Many Thanks,

The Year 4 Team


February – New value of the month: Uniqueness

Monday 12th February 2018  – Year 4 Long Term Project Exhibition (Period 6 – in classes).

Tuesday 13th February 2018  – 4LP Class Assembly.

Wednesday 14th February 2018  – Celebration of Chinese New Year. Prep school children are welcome to wear traditional Chinese dress to school on this day if they so wish.

Wednesday 14th February 2018  – Junior Science Fair (2.45pm)

W/B 5th March 2018  – ‘Fully Booked Week’