This week has been Fully booked by name and nature. All of Year 4 enjoyed immensely the variety of activities, which centered on the colouful book ‘The day the crayons quit!’ It tells the story of a group of disgruntled colouring crayons, who feel overworked or in some cases under loved. We use used the book to create engaging and thought provoking Literacy and Numeracy lessons this week.

Literacy, We started the week exploring the emotions of the crayons through drama sessions. Our heightened understanding of the characters led us to writing disgruntled letters to Duncan the crayon’s owner. Later in the week, we wrote news reports which emotionally told the desperate plight of poor Duncan’s crayons.

Numeracy, This week saw us develop our understanding of Averages. We reinforced our understanding of calculating: Mean, Mode, Median and Range. Following this we investigated a variety of average based problems including the average length and colour of pencils in the class. We then discussed our findings and drew conclusions from these on which pencils were used most.

Humanities, We continue to study the ancient Egyptians, this week observing the vastness of the Egyptian timeline and probably the most famous of all the Egyptian pharaohs Tutankhamen. In Art we have started to explore Ancient Egyptian symbols such as the Eye of Horus and the Ankh Symbol.

The Fully Booked week also gave us the chance to enjoy many competitions including: The bookmark competition, dressing up competition and the Reading fair to name just a few. Our Friday finished with an invigorating talk from David Bedford a renowned author with over eighty titles to his name. He shared his writing and reading expertise as well as his passion for reading.
All of year 4 thank you kindly for your support throughout this busy week and hope you enjoy your weekends with a good book in your hand.

Many Thanks,
The Year 4 Team
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