Friday 11th May 2018

Year 4 have continued their practice of ‘The Peace Child’ and I am certain you will be delighted with their performance next week. Everything is shaping up nicely with the sets installed, props made and costumes ready.

In Literacy, Year 4 have been looking at the text ‘A Journey to Jo’burg’ by Beverley Naidoo. It is a story set in Apartheid South Africa and looks at themes of family, separation and hope. Our topic of diary writing lends itself beautifully to this topic. Children have been practising writing in the correct tenses and using contractions while writing emotionally charged pieces.

In Numeracy, we are currently looking at symmetry and translation of shapes. Some children are focussing on a one-quadrant grid while others are moving onto a 4-quadrant grid.  As always, we are encouraging children to use mathematical vocabulary to reason as opposed to just ‘giving an answer’.

In Science, we are continuing to learn food chains and looked at the relationships between producers, prey and predators.

Teachers are always readily available before and after school if you need a chat or a catch up. We are available between 7:20am-7:30am as well as 2:20pm-2:30pm. While we strive to be flexible, could we please suggest that you arrange a time to see your class teacher if you cannot talk to us during those times or if it’s a matter that requires more time and attention. Just a reminder that is very hard to talk to anyone bar your children during lesson times as our focus is on them.


  1. The parent show for ‘The Peace Child’ – Thursday 17th May

Many Thanks,

     The Year 4 Team