Friday 7th September 2018

Many thanks for helping the children be ready for their photos this week – students were looking very smart indeed! As a team, we really appreciate the effort being made by parents to engage with children’s learning and school life. Please always feel free to communicate comments or concerns via the communication book – together we can move forward.

In Literacy, we completed a ‘cold task’. This is where children write without adult support, enabling us to identify what skills we need to focus on with the children going forward. We then enjoyed a very exciting ‘hook’ lesson during which children participated in a range of different activities…See below! Next week, we will develop toolkit features for descriptive writing.

In Numeracy, children completed a test and reflected on their results. After that, we applied our place value skills to reasoning and problem solving, with a focus on ordering and comparing 4-digit numbers.

In Humanities, children have created their own plan of Hogwarts Great Hall using keys, symbols and colour. We will move on to understanding 4 digit grid references. During Art, we have investigated different shading techniques and grades of sketching pencils.

In Science, we explored what makes a test fair, by only changing one variable (the independent variable).  Some children also thought about dependent variables which can be measured. Next week we will begin to understand States of Matter and what makes a substance a solid, liquid or gas.

Many Thanks,

     The Year 4 Team


  1. Monday 10th Sept – Inter-House Cross Country for PE. Please can children wear house tops for PE and remember to bring suitable running shoes, a hat and water bottle.
  2. Wednesday 12th Sept – Celebration Assembly. Children are invited to wear their House shirts for the day. School uniform is fine if the top hasn’t been washed from Monday!
  3. Wednesday 12th Sept – SHB Food Drive with Thai SOS Junior. If possible, please bring in food donations (dried goods). Please follow this link to find out more about the charity.
  4. Wednesday 12th Sept – 2.45pm Class Reps Meeting, Recital Hall. Many thanks to all of our Reps.