Friday 14th September 2018

Another busy week exploring the magical world of Hogwarts, and it was wonderful to be able to celebrate the children’s learning and sporing achievements in our midweek assembly. Please see the Blog post below to share in your children’s successes.

We would also like to formally thank our Year 4 Parent Reps for volunteering to help us throughout the year. ‘Line’ groups should now be up and running, and can be used to facilitate smooth communication.

Please note, as always, that if you would like to discuss aspects of your child’s learning, that this should be directed towards the teacher via the communication book or seeing us in the morning. In addition, Parent consultation will take place in the final week of the half term during which we will discuss your child’s learning with you.

In Literacy, we have been discussing which features should be included in a description. We have then begun to look at these in detail, for example by completing a senses walk of the school and identifying adjectives, adverbs and precise verbs in texts. Next week, we shall continue to develop these ‘toolkit features’ before starting to apply them to our own writing.

In Numeracy, we have investigated estimating on a numbers line and rounding to 10 and 100. Learning is separated into fluency, reasoning and problem solving. The expectations are that children discuss and record their learning using the appropriate mathematical vocabulary and collaborate to discuss problems which involve a greater depth of thinking.

In Humanities, children have learnt to read 4 digit grid references and applied this knowledge to create our very own maps of Hogwarts including a key and compass directions.  During Art, we have investigated different artists and how they sketch. We applied the sketching techniques learnt last week, and developed these to consider which shading techniques should be used to create certain textures. In ICT, all children have been trained on how to access Google Drive, and also reminded that it is to be used as an educational tool. Children should all know their usernames and passwords! We have also been continuing our learning on what make a good digital citizen.

In Science, we classified solids, liquids and gases, and we will progress to explaining the properties of each.

Many Thanks,

     The Year 4 Team


  1. Friday 21st Sept – World Peace Day. Junior School children are invited to wear blue and white (no football tops or flip flops, please), and bring in 100 Baht. We are also collecting the 3 P’s (Pens, Pencils and Paper) in the Morris Forum. The money and supplies will go directly to our charity partners. You can read more about the work they do here.