Dear All,

Please allow me to convey a message from our Swimming department.

Next week will be our swim carnivals – fun, all inclusive swimming activities. Please note the new time and date:

Thursday 11th October – Day 4 Periods 1 & 2

This year the theme is Harry Potter – additional house points will be available for the best dressed, so please feel free to wear your Hogwarts costumes again for this day (although please bring School Uniform to change into afterwards)

Activities will be accessible to swimmers of all abilities – for those super nervous we have additional aids which can be used to give extra confidence in the water – most of the activities are conducted on broom sticks (noodles).

Muggles Quidditch

Flying Lessons

Potion Making

Quaffle Throwing

Each activity will take around 10 minutes, with a water break included. Swimmers will compete in their houses. During swimming lessons this week we will practicing our Quidditch so the children have some idea of how the play on the day. Parents are welcome to observe from the grey seating area.


Vicki Gill