Please allow me to forward a message from the Charity Committee.

Dear Parents,

As one of our fundraising initiatives, this year the Charity Committee will yet again be selling Christmas Cards.

We would like the Christmas cards to be designed by the students and, therefore, the Charity Committee will be running a Christmas Card Competition. The winner from each Year Group (Year 1-13) will have their design professionally printed onto cards, which will then be sold here at Shrewsbury during the last two weeks of term. All of the money made will be used to support our Charity Partners.

To that end, we would encourage the students to design a Christmas card. The design can be on a blank A4 piece of paper (with the child’s name and class on the back). Please ask your child to drop their drawing into a box, labeled Christmas Cards, which will be placed on the Junior School desk in the library. The deadline is Monday 5th November.

Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.

Best wishes,


The Charity Committee