Fully booked week is over and the costumes are away for one more year but we have been left with a genuine sense of excitement for books once more. This week has been packed full of activities in  lessons and out of lessons and huge credit must be given to Mr O’Brian, Miss Toner and the team of Librarians whose enthusiasm and creativity have helped spur the children’s learning on. We also would like to thank you the parents for your efforts in making costumes and supporting your children’s reading at home as this practise is invaluable to their development as a fluent reader.


This busy week also included parent consultations. This essential time to discuss your children’s learning is imperative to ensuring the continued progress of your child/children at school. We therefore welcome and appreciate greatly the time and effort you spent in visiting us throughout this week.


In Literacy, The children have made some impressive Dragon booklets. These booklets contain exciting information such as: Care instructions for a Dragon and a dragon’s daily routine. The booklets have allowed the children to develop many grammar skills including expanded noun phrases, imperative verbs and general sentence structure. Next week in Literacy, will prove to be just as exciting with the children exploring a book called Krindlekrax the story of a mysterious beast which lurks in the sewers.


In Numeracy, we developed the idea of collaboration to solve problems.  We did this through a variety of challenging tasks which encouraged the children to: ask questions, listen carefully and respond meaningfully. The skills gradually improved throughout the week and no doubt will support your children’s learning across many aspects of the curriculum. Next week in Numeracy, the children will support their understanding of decimals by learning about decimalisation in money.


In PSHE, we are starting to look at bullying and how children should aspire to be good roles models in society. In Science, the classes are completing a messy but very interesting digestive experiment which has had the children laughing and heaving in equal measure. The practical element of creating the human digestion system has helped consolidate the children’s understanding of the processes which are happening inside them every day. Next week we will begin learning about the teeth and their important role in food digestion. In Art, we have been designing elaborate dragon eyes which next week we will begin making out of clay.


We hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

Many Thanks,

     The Year 4 Team



Tuesday 12th March: Year 4 School council representatives and deputies to the Chatrium

Wednesday 13th March: Shrewsbury Choral Concert 15:00-16:00

Saturday 16th March: BISAC Swimming