Preparations for the production are starting to gain pace as this week has seen the completion of many impressive props and the hanging of the beautiful backdrop. Credit must be given to our hugely dedicated team of TA’s in Year 4 who have worked tirelessly to complete these alongside our talented resident artists and production team. The children have also been busy; developing their performances on the stage and refining vocal arrangements when singing. With one full week of practise left, things are definitely ‘hotting up’ as the production of Dragon Days is in full swing and looks set to be a Summer ‘scorcher’.

Our school councillors also visited the Chatrium to discuss sustainability, which followed on from the letters we wrote. Mr Kells kindly received us and explained the many fantastic initiatives that Chatrium employ to combat waste. Some of which we hope Year 4 can use in in helping Shrewsbury school become more sustainable.

This week has also seen the visit of CIS, who have come to assist in auditing and advising the school. Their thoughts and reflections will no doubt be useful in ensuring we provide an outstanding education for your children.

In Literacy, we have been studying the enthralling book KrindleKrax. The book fits neatly with our upcoming production as it tells the story of a boy who wants to be a hero in a play about a dragon. There is also something mysterious happening beneath Lizard Street, where he lives, which is causing cracks to appear in the road. I wonder, what could it be? To help understand this book better we have skimmed and scanned text finding words to create an illustration of what Lizard Street looks like. We have also discussed and analysed the main characters of the book. Next week we will begin to describe these characters in our writing and learn more about what is causing the cracks on the pavement.

In Numeracy, Year 4 started the week by learning about different currencies and exchange rates. We also discussed how these can impact upon travel and holiday arrangements. We then focused on one currency: Pound Stirling and used this to explore decimals further and completed problem solving using money. Next week, will see us estimate with money and consolidate our understanding of mathematical operations.

In PSHE, we will be referring to one of our production songs ‘Don’t judge’ as an opportunity for discussion through our Harkness sessions. In Science, we have started to learn about teeth and their important role in food digestion. The children are now aware of the types of teeth such as Incisors and Canines. We also discussed why animals have different types of teeth. In Art, our elaborate dragon eyes are complete so next week we can begin the making process by using clay to sculpt ‘real’ dragon’s eye.

Many Thanks have an enjoyable weekend,

   The Year 4 Team


Saturday 16th March: BISAC Swimming

Thursday 28th March: Year 4 production of Dragon Days 7:45am