The four week journey the children have been on: learning their lines, dance moves and acting; culminated on Thursday in a spectacular performance of Dragon Days. The children who have continued to study hard have shown great dedication over these past few weeks and we are extremely proud of all of them. We are also incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported our efforts in producing the production and a special thank you should be given to our Parents Reps, who have given up much of their time arranging costumes, measuring students and even making props.

In Literacy, We completed our exclusive interviews with one of the celebrities of Lizard Street, Corky Pigeon. The children used their acting skills to good effect as they completed improvised drama of the interview. After completing this, we wrote up our interviews with enticing introductions ready to be published in Hello magazine. Next week, will see the children write dairy entries from the point of view of Ruskin as he begins to learn even more about the mysterious KrindleKrax.

In Numeracy, the children have completed their learning of money and now have an improved understanding of decimals through this. They have also further developed their reasoning and problem solving skills through their daily activities. Next week, we should finish our recap of operations and might even find some time to learn about shape.

In Science, we began our investigations into the effect of different liquids on egg shells. We are using egg shells as our teeth and the shells are both made from a type of Calcium. We also improved our knowledge of tooth structure creating diagrams of a tooth showing: enamel, gums, nerves and dentin. We look forward to next week when we will see the effect of the liquids on the egg shell.

In Art, We finished the painting of our dragon eyes, adding reflections and shadows. Finally we added layers of PVA glue to create a shiny effect. The completed eyes helped create a very ‘eye-catching’ display for our Dragon Days Production.

Many Thanks have an enjoyable weekend,

The Year 4 Team

Wednesday 3rd April: Songkran Merit making ceremony 7am- Giving donations to the monks

Thursday 4th April: Fun Run (no You-time)

Friday 5th April: Last day of term-Please collect children following afternoon registration at 12:40pm

Tuesday 23rd April: Term 3 Starts-We return on Day 7