Another term finished and there has been so much that we can be proud of as Teachers and Parents of the Year 4 students. We completed our Dragon Days production, we championed reduction of waste with a visit to the Chatrium and we enhanced our scientific understanding with a visit to the Science Museum. Whilst all this has been happening, we explored the mysterious sewers beneath Lizard Street and came face to face with the KrindleKrax. The children have been exceptional over what has been a very busy term. We expect them all to have a good rest and enjoy their break from school but continue learning about the world around them. If you are lucky enough to be visiting another part of the world, explore the culture or maybe even a new language. All the teachers will be looking forward to hearing of our students adventures in two weeks time so where ever you go enjoy and most of all have fun…

In Literacy, We finished the Krindlekrax and created some interesting comics for the final dramatic fight scene. In Numeracy, we finished our investigations around money and improved our understanding of the main mathematical operations. In Science, we finished our egg shell investigation and learned about the importance of Oral Hygiene. In Art, we wrote Art critiques about our friend’s dragon eyes giving them ideas to develop their sculptures further.

Many Thanks have an enjoyable holiday.

The Year 4 Team

Tuesday 23rd April: Term 3 Starts-We return on Day 7