In their first full week back, the children in Year 4 have been experiencing many of the thrills and spills of Egyptian life! This morning we had a wonderful whole school Celebration of the Coronation of HM King Rama X. The students were impeccably behaved and listened with great respect to the words and songs.

In Literacy we have started reading “The Gods are Watching”, the tale of a servant boy in Ancient Egypt. children have created their own amulets, and looked at the meaning behind different gem stones and images. They looked at the different Gods in Ancient Egypt, and had a hands on experience of crawling through an Egyptian tomb. Ask your child what they saw when they were inside, if you dare…!

In Maths we have been looking at area and perimeter of rectilinear shapes. We investigated whether having a larger perimeter always meant having a larger area, and how knowing our factor pairs helped determine length of sides when you only know the total area of a shape.

In Art we created Egyptian sunset scenes using watercolour techniques and cutting out shapes from black paper. The effects were striking!

In Science we looked at the difference between producers and consumers in the food chain. Children explored food chains in different climates – savannah, tundra and woodland – and the different predators and prey found in these locations.

In Humanities we explored Tutankhamun and made an infographic and timeline of his life and the events taking place in Ancient Egypt during his lifetime.

Dates for your diary:
Thursday 9th May – Residential Visit briefing, 1.45pm, Memorial Hall

Friday 10th May – Junior School Non-Uniform Day

Tuesday 14th May – 4CL Class Assembly, 7.50am Memorial Hall

Wednesday 15th May – Junior Music Summer Concert

Tuesday 21st May – Egyptian Day (no need to dress up)

Friday 24th May – Last day of term 3a. School finishes at the usual time and You-Time! runs as normal.

Thursday 30th May – Term 3b commences (Day 4)

Many thanks, and have an enjoyable weekend,

The Year 4 team