Poetry Slam 4MD

As part of our literacy unit about poetry, 4MD began to immerse themselves into different poems. We have started to observe different features of poems including: Similes, metaphors, alliteration, repetition, adjectives and structure.

During the Slam poetry session, the class were tasked with performing the Magic Box by Kit Wright. They were put into groups and demonstrated excellent teamwork and also imagination (our new character strength) in order to present an exciting Slam Poem!

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Weekly Review – October 12th

Friday 12th October 2018

A huge thank you to all the parents for our consultations earlier in the week. Your commitment to both the school and your children’s learning makes an enormous difference. As always, if you have anything you would like to discuss regarding your child’s learning, please arrange a meeting with your child’s class teacher in the first instance. Full reports will also be available at the end of term 1b.

As the half term draws to a close, I would like to take the opportunity to say well done to the children for all the effort they have applied to their learning, and again to all parents for their incredible support throughout.

In Literacy, we have written up our potion instructional texts. We worked hard to include imperative verbs, time conjunctions, adverbs and cohesive devices for detail. Next half term we will move on to poetry.

In Numeracy, we completed our written addition and subtraction unit. We will continue with mental addition and subtraction after half term before moving on to multiplication and division. Speedy recall of times tables is critical to support children’s learning in this regard (as well as fractions, area and time!). This link can help children practise:

In Humanities, we all completed our local area survey and evaluated the findings. During Art, we completed our Hogwarts character or setting sketches, using all the skills we have developed over the half term. Next term, children will need aprons as we will be using fabric dyes. In Computing, we continued to learn about what make us good digital citizens. In Science, we have completed an investigation into evaporation. Next half term, we will look briefly at the water cycle before moving on to living things and their habitats.

Many thanks, and we all hope you have a restful, enjoyable holiday.

     The Year 4 Team


  1. Wednesday 24th October (Day 8) – Start of term 1b. Our new topic is Incredible India and our Character Strength is Imagination.

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4LS in the lab

4LS had a wonderful time in the lab today recording and measuring our chemical reactions.




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What a week for 4LS

What a week we’ve had? We began with our wonderful Harry Potter day with such wonderful costumes and a day of fun as we went to all of the different teachers in Year 4 to do a host of Harry Potter activities.  On Tuesday we had our non-uniform day where we spent time thinking about the people in Sulawesi and what life might be like for us if we no longer had a safe home to be in.  Today the children took part  in the amazing swimming gala where we all had so much fun.

In addition to that we have been making our own mathematical Kahoot quizzes, revising all that we have learnt this term so watch out if we come and test your mathematical knowledge this half term! We have been lucky enough to celebrate Lara and Sara’s birthdays and have a wonderful Celebration Assembly. A final bit of fun for me; the children have been teaching me square ball!

It was lovely to see you all this week to discuss your children and their progress this half term.  It has been a long half term and they have been so very busy at school, having fun and learning such a lot.  I hope you all have a very restful and happy half term break.

(Click the image to see some of the fun we’ve had.)

Mrs Sullivan



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Swimming Carnival

A huge well done to all the children for their participation in the Muggle Swimming Carnival this year. It was great to see such effort and team spirit, not to mention the amount of exercise involved. Well done for our victorious house…Williams. Many thanks to parents for their support, the Year 4 team for their help on poolside and our PE/Swimming department who put so much time and effort into organising this event!

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Celebration Assembly

It was wonderful to be able to celebrate children’s successes over the half term with our monthly Celebration Assembly. Certificates were awarded for effort, perseverance and creativity…all important life skills. Reading certificates were handed out for children who had made an effort to develop their reading, or continued to reflect deeply when reading. Congratulations to all our winners.

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4LP enjoy Hogwarts Heroes Day

4LP looked magical in their Harry Potter themed costumes this week. We had a fantastic time taking part in a range of tasks for ‘Hogwarts Heroes Day.’ We created our own bookmarks, enjoyed testing our knowledge using Kahoot quizes, wrote news articles, experimented in Science and took part in musical activities.


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Science in 4LP

Today, 4LP carried out a scientific investigation to measure the amount of gas released when bicarbonate of soda and vinegar are added together. We learnt how to draw an accurate diagram, make predictions and how to keep a test fair.  I was very impressed with how well the children were able to work collaboratively too.

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Swim Gala – Thursday 11th Periods 1 and 2

Thursday 11th October – Day 4 Periods 1 & 2

This year the theme is Harry Potter – additional house points will be available for the best dressed, so please feel free to wear your Hogwarts costumes again for this day (although please bring School Uniform to change into afterwards). You will need to change into swimsuits for the actual event…which could be either your school swim kit or Harry Potter themed.

Parents are welcome to observe from the grey seating area.

Many thanks for your support,

The Year 4 Team.

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Hogwarts Heroes Day

To celebrate our Harry Potter topic, Year 4 enjoyed a fun, informative and creative day yesterday. After a fantastic Quidditch game (won by Gryffindor!), children participated in a variety of activities based around literacy, craft, music, science and topic. It was wonderful that students from our City Campus could join in as well. A huge thank you to our PE department for organising the game, the children for participating so fully and  all our parents who helped prepare magical outfits! I will place a copy of the photos on Firefly, which can be securely accessed through your child’s login.


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