Weekly Review 31st August

Firstly, it was wonderful to get the opportunity to meet so many of you on Tuesday for our Meet the Team sessions. We hope we have been able to answer any questions, however do feel free to comment below or leave a note in communication books if you have any further matters we can help with.

In Literacy, we have been learning about simple and compound sentences using Rainbow Grammar. Your children should also be able to explain what adjectives and adverbs are. Next week we will focus on fantasy descriptive writing.

In Numeracy, we have learnt to read 4 digit numbers and partition them. We used this knowledge to add and subtract multiples of 1000. Throughout, we have been reasoning and applying our skills to solve problems. Next week we will round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000.

In Humanities, children have studied different maps of the local area. We will move on to understanding 4 digit grid references. In Science, we explored lab safety and where to find objects we will need throughout the year. Our unit this half term is States of Matter. During Art, we learnt how to give and listen carefully to feedback in order to improve our learning and develop a growth mindset.

Many Thanks,

     The Year 4 Team


  1. Class and individual photos (please remember to bring your school jacket if you have not already done so and wear school shoes):

Wed 5th September: 4LP

Thu 6th September: 4AW

Friday 7th Sept: 4LS, 4CL

  1. Wed 5th Sept: Year 3 and 4 parents are invited to meet the Junior Assistant and Vice Principals. 8am in the Recital Hall (Junior School, 4th floor)
  2. Term 1a Overview is available below.

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Geography in 4LP

This week, 4LP begun their Geography work by studying maps of Bangkok. We looked at symbols and keys to identify different places and landmarks. We then made comparisons between different types of maps. Soon, we will begin to look at maps of the grounds of Hogwarts Castle.

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The school have revised their values this year to encourage the children to consider good character strengths. The first strength we have discussed is Respect. The children used a silent discussion to discuss ideas around who and what we respect. In short, everyone and everything deserves our respect but key highlights were the environment, people, ideas, race and religion.

The class were then asked to complete a Picollage of who they respect the most. The result was quite broad range from kings to pop bands and many children opting for their family.

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4LS Book Creator fun

4LS had such fun discovering a new app ‘book creator’ which we used in Literacy this week.  Creating our own summaries of our story ‘Zootopia’ we made them come alive in this fun app.


Swimming and PE

Dear parents,

Our PE department have asked us to pass on the following:

Please can you help us ensure children are prepared for their PE and Swimming lessons. Children need hats for PE, as well as water bottles. The school policy is that if children are well enough to attend school, they are well enough to take part in PE or swimming, unless a doctor’s note is provided.

Our Ready to Learn website has videos explaining the importance of physical exercise in helping develop memory and academic performance, which may be of interest.

Many thanks for your support,

Alan Wright

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4AW Explore the Lab

To ensure we enjoy our learning in Science this year, 4AW thought about how we could stay safe in the lab. This was followed by a scavenger hunt during which we located magnifying glasses, books, insects, thermometers, torches…and even some giant teeth!


4CL enter the lab

We started our science lessons this week by exploring the wonders of the science lab! 4CL went on a scavenger hunt, exploring for themselves the different objects, features and vocabulary used in our junior science lab. We also talked about the ways to stay safe in the science lab. We will be starting our new topic, solids, liquids and gases, next week.

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School Photography

Dear Parents,

Our class and individual photos are being taken over the next 2 weeks. For your reference, please find the photography schedule below. Please remind your children to bring in their blazers to school in advance and help to ensure that all students are looking as neat and tidy as possible.

Children are kindly asked to wear school uniform with blazers, remembering a blue school tie (or award winner tie) and black school shoes.

Thursday 30th Aug – 4MD

Wed 5th Sept  – 4LP

Thu 6th Sept 4AW

Fri 7th Sept – 4CL, 4LS

As ever, many thanks for your support and cooperation,

The Year 4 Team

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Term 1a Overview

A very warm welcome to the start of an exciting academic year at Shrewsbury and we very much look forward to getting to know you and your children throughout the year. Please find below an overview for the first half term.

We are all excited by our first topic: the magical world of Harry Potter. This best-selling story will inspire our children to get truly immersed in their learning this term. The series is also a great read for adults!

Please find below some of the key dates for this half term, along with a brief outline of the children’s learning. In order to keep up with our learning journey please keep checking the Year 4 blog which frequently showcases what is happening in class for you to comment on. Subscribing will enable you to receive notices when new posts are added.

In Literacy, we will use chapters from Harry Potter to inspire our reading and our writing, using a learnt part of the text to base our own descriptive stories around. We will also create instructions using magical ingredients, toolkit features and a healthy dose of imagination.

Following the Maths Mastery approach, we will learn a variety of fluency skills and apply them to reasoning and problems solving. Children will develop in Number and place value followed by addition and subtraction.

In topic, we will begin by learning geographical enquiry skills. This will involve interpreting and creating map symbols and keys, and also using 4 digit grid references. These skills will apply to real life contexts, and subsequently be tied in to our learning on Harry Potter. Children will then complete some survey fieldwork skills, examining building use in the local environment. This ties in with our learning for life comparative religion understanding.

During Art lessons, we will be focusing on our drawing skills such as cross-hatching, using different grades of pencil, showing tone and texture, sketching lightly and annotating sketches to evaluate. This will be applied to a final piece of Harry Potter artwork.

In the Science Lab, we will start by learning about safety and potential hazards. Our focus will move to investigations involving states of matter and the water cycle. Children will learn aspects of scientific enquiry enabling them to independently plan investigations by the end of the year.


Key dates:

28th August – Year 4 Meet the teachers in the Memorial Hall at 13:45

11th September – Wai Kru

21st September – World Peace Day

25th September – Class 4AW assembly

8th October – Hogwarts Heroes Day (Dress up!)

9th October – Junior School Non-Uniform Day

9th/10th October – Parent Consultations

12th October – Last day of term 1a

24th October – Start of Term 1b (Day 8)


Alan Wright

Year 4 Team Leader

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Weekly Review 24th August

Friday 24th August 2018

A huge well done to all the children in Year 4 for settling in so quickly, and many thanks for the parental support in helping them be organised and ready to learn.

The focus of this week has been setting expectations and preparing children for their learning journey ahead. Collaborating within teams and with their learning partners will help make this journey smoother, and children are ensuring they listen effectively to others.

We are all excited about our new Harry Potter topic and are looking forward to next week.

In Literacy we will be spending a week teaching grammar through the ‘Rainbow Grammar’ technique. This method helps children visualise and embed many grammatical structures through careful use of colour.

In Numeracy, we will cover place value, including ordering, rounding and matching words and numbers. Children will need to be speedy with their 6, 7 and 9 times tables!

In Humanities, children will analyse symbols used on maps and in Science we will investigate safety procedures when undertaking learning in the Junior Science Lab.

Many Thanks,

     The Year 4 Team


  1. House events may take place on Monday 27th August (Day 1) period 1 and Thursday 30th August (Day 4) Period 1. Children are kindly asked to wear House shirts instead of PE shirts on these days.
  2. School Council representative: All children will have the opportunity to present to the class their suitability for this role should they wish to do so. Children will be informed in due course and presentations and voting will happen in the coming weeks.
  3. You-Time! will be commencing on Monday 27th August. Changes and additions can be made throughout next week.
  4. Meet the Teacher: Details can be found on the Parent Portal. Mr Wright and the rest of the Year 4 team look forward to meeting you all in the Memorial Hall at 1:45pm on Tuesday 28th August to talk about Year 4 expectations and upcoming events. Then after school, you will be given the option to meet your child’s new class teacher upstairs in their classroom.
  5. If you would like to receive notices of when the Blog is updated, please subscribe above.

Have a lovely weekend!


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