9CG share books with 4LP

Today, 9CG shared books that they love to read with 4LP. We took it in turns to read to each other and also completed some quizzes to guess different authors and book characters. 

4LP now have lots of ideas for different books that they can read…thank you 9CG!


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4MD-Digest their learning.

4MD began learning about the digestive system today. They researched the key processes involved such as chewing, swallowing and absorption of food molecules into your blood. We discussed what happened at each stage and found out interesting facts such as food staying in your stomach for 4 to 5 hours. We finished by dressing a pupil up with an interactive version of the digestive system. Our next lesson is going to be a messy experiment which model the process of how food moves through the body.

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Weekly Review – 1st March 2019

Year 4 have returned to school full of energy after a well deserved half term break. This term proves to be an exciting one with the upcoming production of Dragon Days, only a matter of weeks away. Thank you to everyone who has learned their lines and for supporting your children in this process. If lines are not quite memorised yet make sure we spend some time each evening practising. 

Everything related to the production can be found on our Firefly page.

In Literacy, We have started looking at features of a play script and began to unpick the story of our Dragon Days production. We have improved our understanding of how to summarise information and used this skill to write exciting blurbs about Dragon Days. The blurbs were completed as part of a competition. You will see the winning entries in the Dragon Days program. 

In Numeracy, we have continued to learn about decimals, particularly about ordering, comparing and rounding them. We have challenged ourselves to answer varied fluency questions such as ordering decimals in ascending and descending order and comparing decimals with a different number of decimal places. 

In PSHE, we have introduced the idea of Harkness discussions. These discussions are developing skills such as empathy but also improving our understanding of being a responsible person in a global society.

In Science, we have bean our topic of ‘Digestion and Teeth.’ Children this week learned about why food needs to be digested and the key processes involved within the digestive system. 

In Art, we are beginning to design elaborate dragon eyes which we will later make out of clay. We are hoping these designs will then be painted in eye catching colours to form an exciting display in our production.

We hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

Many Thanks,

     The Year 4 Team


  1. Parents’ consultation Tuesday 5th March and Wednesday 6th
  2. Monday 4th March to Friday 8th March – Fully Booked Week. Character dress up day on Friday 8th Parents welcome to watch the parade during period 1.

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4CL enter the Dragon Days!

4CL have started this term with fire in their bellies! As well as looking at decimals and writing poems, they have been rehearsing their lines, starting their acting and learning their song and dance for our performance! There may be a few tired children this evening!

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Junk Modeling

Dear Parents,

Next week, we will be completing some ‘junk modeling’ based upon the book we will study for Fully Booked Week.

Please could you begin to bring in any recycling waste materials for us to use e.g. cardboard boxes, plastic containers, yoghurt pots, cartons, egg boxes, newspaper, kitchen roll tubes and plastic bottles. These will need to be clean in order for us to use them.

Thank you for your continued support,  

Year 4 Team  

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Science ‘Shrew-tubers’ in 4LS

Today 4LS pretended that they were youtubers by recording their own videos demonstrating the investigations we have carried out in Science this half term and explaining their understanding of sound and how it travels.

Have a look at our videos here:





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Sound Waves 4MD

To end the week and this half term 4MD completed their scientific studies of sound with a fun experiment that helps demonstrate how sounds travel in waves. We explored wave amplitude and differing waves speeds using this model. 

On an alternative note, I need to thank the whole class for an excellent 6 weeks in class since January. They all have really risen to the challenge. 

Have a well deserved rest. 

Thank you Mr D

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Weekly Review – 15th February 2019

Friday 15th February 2019

It has been yet another busy week in Year 4 due to our charity fundraising activities taking place. Not only did the children arrive at school in non-uniform, they also came with crazy hair! It was wonderful to see so many unique styles and it was clear that the children had spent time thinking about their designs. Many thanks for your support with our fundraising. All donations and sponsorship money goes directly to our charity partners and it helps to make a difference.

We have also been preparing for our production ‘Dragon Days’ which will be next half term. Children are now aware of what part they will play and have been given their lines and song lyrics to learn. Please encourage children to learn these over the half term break ready for rehearsals which begin the first week back. Everything related to the production can be found on our Firefly page.

In Literacy, we have planned and written our own suspense stories. We wrote our stories independently so that we could showcase what we have learnt throughout this unit. After making our first draft of our story, we evaluated how effective we thought our text was. We then went back to edit our work to improve it further and then we published our final story. Next half term, we will begin to study play scripts. We will look at the features of a play script and begin to unpick the story of our Dragon Days production.

In Numeracy, we have continued to learn about decimals, particularly about tenths and hundredths. We have challenged ourselves to answer varied fluency questions such as recording answers on a number line, continuing patterns and finding missing decimals in sequences. Next half term, we will progress our decimal learning further by beginning to learn about money.

In Humanities, we focused on our history skills and sequenced a range of natural disasters into chronological order. We also completed some research to gather information about each of the historical disasters.  In Computing, we looked at reliability of information by considering whether we can trust all websites and everything we read on them.

In Science, we began to learn about sound waves. We looked at different waves and worked out the pitch and amplitude of each one from its shape and pattern. We consolidate everything that we have learnt about Sound by becoming ‘You-tubers.’ By filming our own videos, we were able to share our knowledge of what sound is, how it works and how we hear it. Next half term, our unit will be ‘Digestion and Teeth.’

In Art, we completed our final piece of artwork. We evaluated how well we thought we had colour matched, shown perspective and used different watercolour and soft pastel techniques.

We hope you have a very restful half term.

Many Thanks,

     The Year 4 Team


  1. Monday 25th February (Day 6) – First day of term 2b.
  2. Monday 25th February – Global Goal Fair entries due.
  3. Wednesday 27th February Global Goal Fair.
  4. Friday 1st March – Final day to submit time requests for Parent Teacher Conferences. These will take place on Tuesday 5th March and Wednesday 6th
  5. Friday 1st March – Book Mark Competition deadline. Pick up an application template from your class teacher or the library. 
  6. Monday 4th March to Friday 8th MarchFully Booked Week. Character dress up day on Friday 8th


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Year 4 Half term Home Learning

Dear Parents,

We will set no compulsory Home Learning over the half term – we hope you are able to spend time together as a family.

There are several optional projects which children may like to complete as follows:

Dragon Days Script. Learn your lines, including the song lyrics. This would be extremely helpful as it allows us to focus our efforts on the acting and singing. 

Design a cover for our Dragon Days Production. This should be on A4 paper (portrait) and include “Year 4” and “Dragon Days” as well as a picture which represents the story. Deadline 15th March.

Global Goals Fair. Children wishing to enter should pick up a board from Ms Moat. Instructions can be found here. Deadline 25th February

Reading Challenge. Take a photo in an unusual place, and share it along with your favourite quote here.

Book Mark Competition. Pick up an application template from your class teacher or the library. Deadline 1st March.

Many thanks and enjoy your break,

The Year 4 Team


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4AW Crazy Hair

Many thanks for the charity donations today, and for helping children prepare their crazy hair. It was wonderful to see such colour and some most unusual styles!

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