Term 3a Overview

Dear Parents

Having survived our Natural Disaster topic and a misunderstood Dragon, we now travel back thousands of years in time to Ancient Egypt. This fascinating civilisation brought us mummies, pharaohs and pyramids, and even now archaeologists are continuing to make amazing discoveries.

In English, children will review poetry before returning to narrative writing based around the Egyptian themed book The Gods are Watching by Caroline Pitcher. This will be followed by newspaper writing, so it would be wonderful if children are reading news articles as part of their reading record.

Utilising the Maths Mastery approach, we will learn about length and perimeter. This will be followed by geometry learning on angles and shapes. Throughout, children will use fluency and apply reasoning to help solve problems.

In our Humanities lessons we will be examining a timeline of Tutankhamun to sequence and link historical events. We will discover how the Egyptians built pyramids, worshipped gods and how their society functions. We will celebrate our topic with Egyptian Day at the end of the half term (no costumes needed!).

During Art lessons, the children will investigate colour theory and apply this to various printing techniques. We will then explore how different materials can create different textures and create collaborative final pieces inspired by different aspect of ancient Egyptian culture.

In the Science Lab, children will learn about omnivores, carnivores and herbivores before examining their relationship in food chains and food webs. Vocabulary needed includes producer, consumers, predators and prey.


Key dates:

Monday 29th April – You-Time! Block 4 commences

Friday 3rd May – Celebration of Coronation of HM King Rama X. Children invited to wear yellow tops and PE shorts.

Monday 6th May – School closed for the Coronation of HM King Rama X

Thursday 9th May – Residential Visit briefing, 1.45pm, Memorial Hall

Friday 10th May – Junior School Non-Uniform Day

Tuesday 14th May – 4CL Class Assembly, 7.50am Memorial Hall

Wednesday 15th May – Junior Music Summer Concert

Tuesday 21st May – Egyptian Day (no need to dress up)

Friday 24th May – Last day of term 3a. School finishes at the usual time and You-Time! runs as normal.

Thursday 30th May – Term 3b commences (Day 4)

Many thanks for your continued support,

Alan Wright

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Dear all,

please allow me to pass on a message from our swimming department:

Please remind all your children  to bring a full water bottle to poolside and to take it to the swimming pool rather than leaving it with their towel.

Please also remind them about the need for sun lotion should they not be wearing a top. Swimmers should also wear their poolside shoes to and from the swimming pool as the concrete can be very warm at this time.

Kind regards,

Alan Wright

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Measure for Ancient Egyptian measure in 4CL!

4CL have been exploring the ways the Ancient Egyptians measured objects, and compared these to metric measures. They found measuring the perimeter of the classroom was great fun with a trundle wheel, but was rather exhausting using the ancient measure of a cubit! 

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Shark Guardian

Dear all,

We hope you have had a wonderful holiday and are ready and refreshed for the new term ahead. Kindly note that on Wednesday 24th April, the charity Shark Guardian will be giving a presentation, and children will also have the opportunity to buy some merchandise (t-shirts, books or wristbands, from 100 to 400 Baht) if they wish to support this cause. 

Please may I remind children that tomorrow is a Day 7.

Many thanks,

Alan Wright

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Weekly Review- Friday 5th April 2019

Another term finished and there has been so much that we can be proud of as Teachers and Parents of the Year 4 students. We completed our Dragon Days production, we championed reduction of waste with a visit to the Chatrium and we enhanced our scientific understanding with a visit to the Science Museum. Whilst all this has been happening, we explored the mysterious sewers beneath Lizard Street and came face to face with the KrindleKrax. The children have been exceptional over what has been a very busy term. We expect them all to have a good rest and enjoy their break from school but continue learning about the world around them. If you are lucky enough to be visiting another part of the world, explore the culture or maybe even a new language. All the teachers will be looking forward to hearing of our students adventures in two weeks time so where ever you go enjoy and most of all have fun…

In Literacy, We finished the Krindlekrax and created some interesting comics for the final dramatic fight scene. In Numeracy, we finished our investigations around money and improved our understanding of the main mathematical operations. In Science, we finished our egg shell investigation and learned about the importance of Oral Hygiene. In Art, we wrote Art critiques about our friend’s dragon eyes giving them ideas to develop their sculptures further.

Many Thanks have an enjoyable holiday.

The Year 4 Team

Tuesday 23rd April: Term 3 Starts-We return on Day 7


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4LS’ ‘Sickening Science’

Today in 4LS we concluded our recent Science investigation into which liquids would cause the most damage to our teeth enamel.  We had submerged eggs in cola, orange juice, milk and water and having left them for a week looked at the results today!

Have a look at our results here:

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Songkran Water Play!


As part of our Songkran celebrations, last week Year 4 all had a fun filled and very wet ‘Water Play’ session on the Canterbury Field.  

Please follow the below link for a snippet of our fun!




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‘Bright’ 4MD shone at the Science museum

A thoroughly enjoyable trip to the Science museum opened our eyes to the wonders of agriculture, buildings and electricity. Some highlights of the trip were learning about earthquakes and the tremors they produce. The milking of a cow (a fake cow) and the construction of a building using blocks. The class also enjoyed a a show called bumps which taught the children how bumps transfer energy. We followed this up in class today and I’ve challenged the class to look out for bumps happening around them. The Science trip was a great opportunity to explore some scientific principles in more depth and in a hands on way. Hopefully it has helped stimulate the class’s passion for Science as this is incredibly important subject in our daily lives and our futures. The class were also an exemplary example for Shrewsbury School as they said hello to other students as they toured the museum. 

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Year 4 at the Science Museum!

We all had so much fun yesterday at the Science Museum; exploring the different exhibits, getting hands on with practical science and being amazed by the wonderful show ‘Bounce’.

Please click the below image for a video of our day:


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Happy Songkran from 4LP

Everyone looked wonderful in their colourful Songkran shirts today. We had a busy but enjoyable day. We took part in palm watering, played with traditional Thai toys and ate some delicious Thai snacks. 

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