4LP’s Crazy Fundraising

4LP came to school today with various crazy hair styles in order to raise money for charity. Thank you for making such a fantastic effort to support our fundraising. 

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4CL’s hair crazy morning!

The children of 4CL looked incredible this morning with a range of fabulous hairstyles! Thank you so much for your support!

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Weekly Review – 8th February 2019

Friday 8th February 2019

Many thanks for your support in helping the children organise their learning during the end of last week. We hope that the work provided was easy to access and clear. Should the need arise in the future, we will continue to use Firefly as our method of communicating tasks. If anything was not clear, please come and let us know so we can better help going forward.

In school, we have certainly had a busy week! Our Chinese New Year Celebrations were wonderful, and the work of both our MFL department and Shrewsbury Parents is hugely appreciated.  

In Literacy, we have used our planning to help write a suspense story. All of our learning over the past weeks has been included, allowing children to demonstrate these skills in a longer and more detailed piece of writing. Next week, children will write their own invented suspense stories.

In Numeracy, we have learned about decimals. This began with looking at tenths and hundredths, and we used our fluency to help reason and solve problems. Throughout the week, children have had access to objects and diagrams depending on how confident they felt with the task. Through effective collaboration, children have been able to access more challenging tasks.

In Humanities, we completed our Krakatoa information booklets. Not only are these well-presented, they demonstrate an excellent understanding of how volcanoes can impact their environment in both positive and negative ways. We also learned about consent when using the internet, and reflected on the cause, effect and some possible solutions of air pollution.

In Science, we investigated how the pitch and amplitude of a sound wave can be represented. We learned that high frequency waves have a high pitch and volume (amplitude) is affected by the height of the wave. Our mixed media Art work is looking incredible, through using water colours, pastels and poster paints to create a Hokusai inspired wave.

Many Thanks,

     The Year 4 Team


  1. Tuesday 12th February – Non-uniform day and Crazy Hair day! Children are kindly requested for a donation of 100 Baht for non-uniform. Any additional money or sponsorship you would like to donate for crazy-hair day goes directly to our charity partners. Your money really does make a difference, and more information can be found on our website here.
  2. Friday 15th February – last day of term 2a. You-Times and excellence continue as usual, pending the AQI.
  3. Monday 25th February (Day 6) – First day of term 2b.

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Happy New Year from 4LS

4LS had a wonderful time today with our Chinese New Year celebrations.  See the fun we had below:

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4AW Chinese New Year

Junior school enjoyed a dragon dance, snacks and some traditional music. Many thanks to the children and parents for the wonderful outfits, and also all the Shrewsbury Parents who helped with the amazing snacks.




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Happy Chinese New Year from 4LP

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We have been celebrating Chinese New Year, seeing dragon dancing and hearing the drums, then tasting the fantastic spread of Chinese food and drink.

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Friday – No Swimming 4AW, 4LP, 4MD

Dear parents of children in 4AW, 4LP and 4MD,

please may I remind children to bring in PE kits on Friday instead of swimming kits, as per Mr Miller’s letter dated the 4th. This decision was made following advice from the Ministry of Education,

Many thanks,

Alan Wright

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Chinese New Year

Dear all,

Happy Chinese New Year! Please may I remind parents that, as per Mr Miller’s letter, Junior School will now be celebrating Chinese New Year this Thursday, the 7th February. Children are encouraged to wear traditional Chinese outfits and our celebrations will take place indoors.

Many thanks,
Alan Wright

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4CL take to the artistic seas

4CL have been perfecting their artwork techniques, using watercolors, pastels and tracing to recreate Hokusai’s Great Wave.

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