4CL celebrated Loy Krathong

We have made some beautiful Loy Krathong decorations this morning.

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Happy Loy Krathong from 4LP

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4MD Class Assembly

A proud day yesterday for me, and I am sure for all of 4MD’s parents as the class took to the stage. I was impressed by their courage on stage, their passion to entertain everyone and the sincerity of the message they told. A big thank you to parents for the support you gave us in learning lines, providing props and of course the amazing Indian dresses. Miss Pam has also worked tirelessly to support me in the production of the assembly as has Miss Mint and Mr Jonny, who also both contributed and supported the children. Special thank you to Miss Pinky who woke up early that morning to cook the delicious samosas.  Truly a team effort!

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You-Time cancelled Thursday 22nd November

Please be aware that all You-Times and supervision have been cancelled this Thursday (22nd November). We have been advised to do this due to expected heavy traffic on Charoen Krung Road because of Loy Kratong. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Many thanks for your support.

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4CL work with wax!

4CL have been perfecting their batik designs, and this week tried out designing using hot wax. It was a little tricky at first, but we all got the hang of it in the end! We can’t wait to start on our real designs! 

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Inter-House Football

Dear Parents,

Please allow me to pass on the following information on behalf of our PE department regarding Inter-House football:

Year 4: Thursday 29th November 2018 (Day 4) Lesson 1.

We would like students to come to school dressed in house PE kit on their inter-house football day, with their football boots and shin pads in a bag. They need to be in trainers throughout the morning. Any students without football boots and shin pads wishing to take part in trainers need to have the form signed by parents. Please ensure children have hats and water bottles.

Many thanks,

Amy Coad

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Weekly review

Friday 16th November 2018

It has been another wonderfully busy and very colourful week in Year 4 this week.  We started ‘Anti-bullying’ week with an odd socks day, a fun way to remind us about kindness, respect and how to be a good friend.  The colour continued with our wonderful Indian Day which parents from the school kindly planned, organised and delivered.  Children had the opportunity to learn a Bollywood Dance Routine, design and draw henna tattoos and learn about the customs and traditions observed in a Sikh Gurdwara.    On Wednesday the children wore their wonderful outfits again for the school celebrations of Diwali.  It certainly has been a busy week for all; thank you to you for your support in providing outfits for these events.

In Literacy, we have begun our unit of work on persuasive writing.  We have looked at examples of persuasive texts and are beginning to build our persuasive writing skills.  This work will be continuing next week as we build our skills towards creating a persuasive leaflet to be given to Miss Brown to persuade her to holiday in India.

In Numeracy, we have been working on area, using the formula of length x width to calculate the space that a shape takes up.  Next week we will be looking at time.  This is often an area of Numeracy that children find difficult so any discussions about telling the time and differences between two times that you can have at home will support with this.  Also, encouraging your children to use both digital and analogue clocks for this.

In Humanities, we have combined our computing skills with geography skills as we have begun to use Google My Maps to create our own personalised maps. Imagining that we are tourists visiting Mumbai, we are planning a day in the city and creating a map to plot our route.  In Art we have done our first work with the hot wax needed for Batik and we have discovered how difficult it is to control and draw with effectively! As a result, we have spent time evaluating and adpting our designs to ensure that the final batik work is clear and effective.  Again, as the children are working with hot wax and fabric dyes please can you ensure that they have an art shirt or apron in school.  Computing continues our work using scratch. As Scientists we have used keys to sort and classify organisms, a difficult scientific skill as it involves clearly identifying differences between organisms.

Many Thanks,

     The Year 4 Team


  1. Wednesday 21st – Friday 23rd

– ABRSM music exams

  1. Thursday 22nd  – Loy Krathong celebrations – children to wear traditional Thai dress

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4CL enjoy dressing up!

We have seen some super socks and divine Diwali outfits this week! Thank you for supporting our learning!


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Year 4 Celebration Assembly

It was wonderful to be able to celebrate our learning to date, with celebration, reading and poetry slam certificates. Children have been trying hard to improve reading choices, excelling in Read Theory and showing effort and perseverance in their learning.

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4LP celebrate Diwali

4LP looked amazing dressed in their outfits and had an enjoyable time celebrating Diwali.


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