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4CL head out and about

On Monday 4CL headed out on a geographical survey of the local area. We spotted temples, mosques, hotels (some still being built!) and we worked out why so many businesses have chosen to open around the school. The children were brilliantly behaved and it was fun exploring the local environment with them!

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4CL innovate Forbidden Forest

This week we looked at the section of Harry Potter where they enter the Forbidden forest for the first time. The children came up with their own actions to help them learn the paragraph, then filmed each other acting it out. This will help them when they come to write up their own versions next […]

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4CL enter the lab

We started our science lessons this week by exploring the wonders of the science lab! 4CL went on a scavenger hunt, exploring for themselves the different objects, features and vocabulary used in our junior science lab. We also talked about the ways to stay safe in the science lab. We will be starting our new […]

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