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4MD Water Cycle

4MD designed collages to represent the water cycle. During the lesson, we learned new key vocabulary¬† such as transpiration and sublimation (I’ll let the children explain these to you). We also linked our understanding of changing states of matter to the process of evaporation. Helping us to visualize the water cycle we have an experiment […]

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4LS in the lab

4LS had a wonderful time in the lab today recording and measuring our chemical reactions.      

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4AW Science

In Science, we thought carefully about what qualities a scientific diagram needs, and also how we can conduct an investigation. Children worked together to prepare the equipment needed to answer a question about how the amount of baking soda affects the amount of gas produced. Here’s how we did…

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4AW Explore the Lab

To ensure we enjoy our learning in Science this year, 4AW thought about how we could stay safe in the lab. This was followed by a scavenger hunt during which we located magnifying glasses, books, insects, thermometers, torches…and even some giant teeth!

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4CL enter the lab

We started our science lessons this week by exploring the wonders of the science lab! 4CL went on a scavenger hunt, exploring for themselves the different objects, features and vocabulary used in our junior science lab. We also talked about the ways to stay safe in the science lab. We will be starting our new […]

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