Dear 4RP,

Your homework task is to create two limericks and type them into the comments section below. I would then like you to evaluate a limerick created by another member of the class.

You can use the template suggested below or create your own. Furthermore, the limericks do not all need to be about pirates. You may wish to write a limerick about a friend, family member, pet, etc.!

LI: To write a limerick
Context: Your choice!

*Does it have five lines?
*Do the last words of lines one, two and five rhyme?
*Do the last words of lines three and four rhyme?
*Is the rhythm correct?
*Line 1, 2, 5: 8 or 9 syllables
*Line 3 and 4: 5 syllables
*Have you started each line with a capital letter?

There was an old pirate called_______
That_______old pirate/pet/teacher/girl/boy named_______

These websites might help you to get started, if you’re not sure…

Mr Paez