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Parent Day in 4RP

Honey picked up the iPad and within 10 minutes she had captured the mood of the session marvellously! Well done everyone involved in Parent Day!

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Mo and Honey 4RP explain the Skeletal System

This term we are learning about the human body and where better to start than the skeletal system? Here 4RP explain some key information about the bones in our bodies.

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4RP Performance Poetry – Group 2

This week 4RP began our Under the Sea topic with Performance Poetry. We used Green Screen technology to create an underwater background and then children interpreted the Under the Sea poem using movement and sounds. Here is Mississippi and Thames tables’ performance.

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Honey’s Animation 4RP

Honey 4RP from MrFsClassroom on Vimeo.

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100WC Winner 4RP – Honey

We were just sitting down for dinner, suddenly! The ground started to rumble the family thought that it was just a little earthquake, but you know what? It was getting worse and worse, the ground shake even harder than what they have thought. The family spouted out and sprint and darted, mother screamed “run to […]

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The Coming of the Iron Man Puppet Show – Thames

In 4RP the children have used their knowledge of Chapter 1 of the Iron Man story to create a puppet show. It was lovely hearing all those powerful verbs and exciting openers that we have put up on our VCOP display and I can’t wait to see them being used in your writing! The Coming […]

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