Weekly Review – Friday 17th November 2017

It has been an exceptionally busy week in Year 5. After all the excitement of Khao Yai, the children have spent time getting back into the routine of their lessons and using their experiences of the residential in their class work. We would like to add that the children were impeccably behaved during the week and really enjoyed the experiences that a residential brings. It was a pleasure to take them on the trip.

In Literacy this week, the children have been focusing on Haiku poems. They were given the opportunity to discuss the key features before creating their own. They then went on to produce some very creative poems of their own, comparing Khao Yai to Bangkok and presented these using their iPads.

In Maths, children completed their Data Handling work and have now moved into their next unit, Measure. They have learnt about the metric system which is used to measure length, volume, capacity and weight and compared this with the imperial units, which are still in use in some countries today.

As part of Anti-Bullying week, children defined the word ‘Bullying’ and were able to recognise that this can take place in many different forms. They focused on how we bullying can be tackled and the necessary steps to take if they feel that they or someone else is being bullied. This proved to be a very worth-while session and we were impressed with the thoughtful comments and ideas voiced by the students of Year 5.

In Science, we began our new unit of learning ‘Living things and their Habitats’. The children thought about their existing knowledge of this topic when creating a detailed mind-map. They derived questions about climates and living conditions and the answers to these will be addressed in the upcoming lessons.

Following the Art work carried out in Khao Yai, children continued to make their own Andy Goldsworthy inspired pieces. They gathered a range of natural and man-made resources from their classroom and school grounds. The children were very proud of their finished pieces and were happy to discuss their thought processes with their groups.

Enjoy your weekend.

Many thanks

The Year 5 Team


Non-school uniform day – Tuesday 21st November 2017

Children will need to bring 100THB to school and this will be split between our charity partners.


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Year 5CH and 5CN Andy Goldsworthy inspired art!

After a fantastic time making outdoor art at Khao Yai, we returned to school with lots of inspiration and have made art from everyday classroom objects. 5CH and 5 students from 5CN have made 3D artwork after looking at some of Andy Goldsworthy’s most famous artworks.

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Khao Yai Adventures

Year 5 are having a fantastic time on residential. All of the children are behaving well and working as a team to overcome tricky tasks and challenges. So far they have completed a high ropes course, taken part in orienteering tasks, played indoor games, had a BBQ, toasted marshmallows, performed in a talent show, trekked through the national park, created natural art AND….we still have one night and one day to go! We hope to be leaving tomorrow at 12:30 and we will keep you posted on Twitter.

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5GA and 5CN are inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

Following the Art work that we carried out on Andy Goldsworthy in Khao Yai, we have gathered materials from the classroom and the school grounds to make even more thought provoking pieces. Check out our group work from this morning! 

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5GA complete their Greek pots!

This week, 5GA were very excited to collect their Art work from the Senior School kiln. They reflected upon their original Greek designs and made changes where necessary. Following this, the children decorated their pots using a very fine paintbrush to ensure their patterns were clear. Here are just a few examples of their fantastic, finished pieces. 

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5CH Biographies

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5MC Test Air Resistance! 

After researching the effect air resistance has on a runner, 5MC decided to put this learning to the test. The children designed their own suit in order to create the most air resistance and went head to head to see who’s suit slowed them down the most. Well done 5MC!

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Year 5 iPad launch update

Dear Parents

Many thanks for all your support with the launch of the iPads in Year 5. I enjoyed meeting you all during the parent workshops last week.  This week I have had the opportunity to come into lessons and discuss with the children  how they can be positive digital citizens and how to the use the iPads responsibly.

Please note, if certain websites or apps are not loading please check the RESTRICTIONS in your Setting. Some Apps require a slightly older age setting for them to be downloaded. Once they are downloaded, then you can enable the age appropriate restrictions. For certain apps including Google Maps, Google Earth, Maps will require location services to be enabled While Using the App. This can be done in the Privacy part of the settings. If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at

Mr Mistry

Digital Literacy Coordinator  

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Year 5 Weekly Review Friday 10th November 2017

Friday 10th November

The children have had a fantastic week of school, with many tasks getting children ready and excited for their upcoming residential to Khao Yai National Park next week.

In Literacy this week, the children have been reading a variety of different biographies about various famous people, ranging from JK Rowling to Usain Bolt. They then used these texts to firstly identify the key structural and language features of biography writing and then highlighting these in the actual text. This will really allow the children to understand the structural and language features when they come to writing their own biographies in the coming weeks. Most classes then concluded the week by focusing in on a particular famous person that they had read about and planning and creating a presentation about this person, in groups, using Google slides.

In Maths, we have concluded our work on data. The children worked in groups to create their own creatures and then used their knowledge of line graphs, bar charts, pictograms, pie charts and averages of data to present this to the rest of the class. We then introduced them to the new topic area in Maths – measures. Over the coming weeks, the children will be learning all about length, mass, capacity and volume and will also be learning how to convert one measure to another.

In Topic, the children have been researching the location of Khao Yai National Park using Google Maps. There was much discussion around the geographical features of Khao Yai national park and the children have gained a more in depth understanding about the flora, fauna and history of Khao Yai from their research.

In Science, we have investigated air resistance by creating some rather special ‘suits’ to slow down the opposition. We thought about how to create drag, and also represent these forces on a force diagram.

In Art, the children have finally completed their Greek pots. The children used paint with extra fine paint brushes to add the detail to their designs. Many classes have displayed pictures of their classes finished pots on the blog

Enjoy your weekend.

Many thanks

The Year 5 Team


Anti-Bullying week next week- Monday 13th– Friday 17th NovemberMonday 13th is whole school Odd Socks day. Please feel free to wear the most odd socks you can find on this day.

Long term project and homework- Due to the residential, there will be no homework set in class for this week and next week, but the children are asked to spend this time planning and working on their long term homework project. The project has been shown to the class and can be found on Firefly.

BYOD-We have had a great first week settling the children into BYOD and using their Ipads. Please check that all your children have downloaded all the appropriate apps onto their Ipad, as some children have been unable to complete certain tasks as requested due to missing apps. In addition, please feel free to visit Mr Mistry in the ICT office if you are having any issue.

Khao Yai Residential-

5GA, 5CH and half of 5CN (parents of specific children notified in communication books)-Monday 13th-15th November

5RW,5MC and half of 5CN (parents of specific children notified in communication books)-Wednesday 15th-17th November

On the days when 5CN children are not on their residential they will be split amongst the remaining Year 5 classes (5CN have received this information in communication books, along with their timetable for these days).

Just a reminder for children to arrive promptly at 7:15am on the first day of their trip to drop their bags by the sports hall so they can be loaded on to buses. In addition, on this day all children should be wearing house shirts to school.

Khao Yai Snacks – The children will be allowed to take a maximum for 3 snacks with them for the Khao Yai trip. Please provide these in a named bag. These will be taken off the children before leaving school on the first day of their residential and kept by staff until they are required. Please be extra vigilant that these snacks do not contain any nuts, shrimp or prawns.

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5CN’s Ancient Greek Pots

5CN have worked so intricately to complete their Ancient Greek pots this week. We completed them by using fine line pens, orange and black paint and very fine paint brushes. I am sure you will agree after all the effort they have put in they look fantastic!

5CN’s Ancient Greek pots from SHB Prep on Vimeo.

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