5CH Charity Fair

After weeks of designing, organising, budgeting, creating and making, the day of the charity fair finally arrived!

We welcomed Year 3 and 4 into our class to buys our brilliant products and we raised lots of money for a super charity, which is very close to our hearts.

Well done everyone!

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5KP visit the Apple Store

On Friday 5KP went to Icon Siam to visit the Apple Store and learn some amazing video skills and techniques – especially the jump cut technique used by youtuber Zach King. We had so much fun and learnt a lot! 


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Our Apple Store Visit

We were extremely lucky this week to visit the Apple Store at Icon Siam.  We learnt how to use an app called ‘Clips’ and had so much fun creating, editing and cutting our own clips.

You can see from our smiles and the concentration on our faces just how much we enjoyed ourselves.

Thank you for organising Mr Knight! 

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Celebrating our Heritage

Today we have been very lucky to have Ms. Wood leading a lesson celebrating the language and heritage of the students in our class.  We discussed how important our heritage is, what heritage means and shared our own experiences with each other.

We then made our own poster and created a QR code teaching others some vocabulary from our language.

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5KP visit the Mercy Centre

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Shaping our understanding

We have been studying angles, regular and irregular shapes for the past 2 weeks and to finish the topic, we began to look at nets of shapes.  We applied our understanding of the properties of regular and irregular shapes to help us make our own nets for various 3D shapes.




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Super Scientists

Year 5 have been incredibly lucky to have 2 wonderful Science lessons this week. 

Firstly, we worked with Mr Walton to start our topic called ‘Materials’, with a focus upon reversible and irreversible changes.  You may not believe this, but we turned milk into plastic and then molded it into shapes!












Secondly, we were lucky enough to look at a real heart and discuss its uses.  Ms. Sharp dissected it for us and we were able to touch it and put our learning into practice.



















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5KP make English/ Thai Language games for the children at the Mercy Centre

After a stunning performance in their class assembly, 5KP have embraced their topic unit of Charity Enterprise and have really enjoyed making educational games for the pupils at the Mercy Centre, ready for our Charity trip in a few weeks! 

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5KP celebrate the coronation of King Rama X

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Librarians at Work

We have spent an afternoon in the library learning about the Dewey Decimal System. The children completed tasks using their understanding of numbers assigned to each book. Feel free to ask them to take you on a tour of our library!



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