Weekly Review – Friday 22nd June 2018

The excitement in Year 5 has continued this week as the children add the ‘finishing touches’ to their Charity Enterprise products. They are aiming to get as many as 40 products made per group for their customers to buy in next week’s Enterprise Fair.

The adverts, completed in last week’s Literacy lessons, have now been sent to the other classes to encourage them to come and purchase the products. Following the Dragons’ Den sales pitches from last week, many children have made adaptions to their products and adverts and all groups have acted upon the feedback and advice from the judges, improving their business and looking more closely at costings and estimated profit.

We look forward to calculating the overall profit next week and hope that this topic has given the children an insight into the necessary roles that underpin a successful business.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the end of year class parties!

Enjoy your weekend.

Many thanks

The Year 5 Team


Tuesday 26th June – 12:50 until 2:10pm – Year 5 Class Party. Thank you to everyone who has signed up for items to bring already. The lists are still displayed outside each classroom door if you still wish to sign up.

Wednesday 27th June – Year 5 will be given the opportunity to visit the other classes and purchase items from their schools. Children may bring a maximum of 100thb each.

Friday 29th June – Children need collecting at 12:40 on the last day of term.

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5GA create adverts for their Charity Enterprise products!

This week, 5GA have been working hard to create memorable, informative and entertaining adverts to share their product with potential customers. They had to include a hook, a slogan, the price and persuasive language features.  They will edit them on Monday morning and send them to the younger classes. Please visit the blog on Monday to watch their finished, amazing adverts!!



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Production is in full swing in 5MC!

The children have been working hard to get their products finished in time this week. They have worked cooperatively to create 40 (or more) products to sell to 4OB, 3DO and 6JB. I’m sure the sales next week will be a great success!

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5CH Pitch to the Scary Dragons!

On Friday 15th June, 5 toy companies from 5CH presented their pitches to 3 very scary Dragons in the hope of gaining an investment in their company….here is a sneak peek into events of the day!



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5CN pitch to the Dragons

5CN have been working hard this week to develop a persuasive Pitch, advert, prototype and poster to share with the judges. Today the children presented information about their products to the 3 scary dragons, Mr Threlfall, Miss Nicholson and Mr Nash. 3/5 teams were lucky enough to secure investment of 20 baht. Next week we will work to create our products to sell.

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Weekly Review – Friday 15th June

Friday 15th June – Happy World Cup 2018!

It has been another busy week in Year 5 with the children continuing their work on their Enterprise projects. Each company is now up and running and the children are working hard towards their target of creating around 40 products to sell to Years 3, 4 and 6.

In Literacy this week, the children have created a set of instructions for their products. They have included lots of interesting time conjunctions and adverbs to make their instructions precise. They have also been creating persuasive posters and adverts to advertise their products. The adverts have been created on iMovie and will be sent to the other classes to encourage them to come and buy from our Enterprise Fair.

In Maths, we have been learning all about profit and loss. The children had to create a finance sheet to discuss with potential investors and talk about projected expenditure and projected profit. They relied on their excellent addition and subtraction skills to calculate different values and presented their findings to the Dragons. They have also continued to work on Prodigy Maths, working on gaps identified over the year.

In Humanities this week, we have used our time to create Dragons Den pitches. The children were excellent and puitched their ideas to investors from the Senior School. The staff have been so impressed with the maturity of the students and their speaking and listening skills. Now that the World Cup has officially started, the children will be using their Humanities skills to find out information about Russia and the participating countries. Tasks will include: creating fact files, plotting locations onto maps, learning about the history of the hosts and participants and learning about the history of the competition. It promises to be an exciting few weeks!

In Science, the children have concluded their work on materials. They came up with a variety of different ways to separate a mixture of materials and showcased their knowledge and understanding by completing their KWL grid.

In Art, the children have created stencils for their enterprise companies. They have then used the stencils to put their design onto different bags and pencil cases. A huge thank you to the Parent Reps for sourcing the bags – they look fantastic and the children are excited about using them.

Finally, a huge thank you for the Long Term Project work. It is clear that so many of you have helped to support a charity and it has been great learning all about the work that the children have been doing. Thank you again for your support with this project!

Enjoy your weekend.

Many thanks

The Year 5 Team


Thursday 21st June – Celebration assembly. Please can all children wear house shirts.

Tuesday 26th June – 1250 until 210 – Year 5 Class Party. Please sign up for items to bring or contact your parent rep for arrangements.

Friday 29th June – Children need collecting at 1240 on the last day of term.

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Grin Green visit Shrewsbury with an important message…

Today Year 5 were very lucky to attend a presentation from Grin Green, an NGO who promote using less plastic in Thailand. They taught us some amazing facts about plastic use in Thailand and around the world and shocked us with their information. We also took part in a Kahoot to learn more about how plastic affects the world.

This was a very worthwhile visit and it was particularly interesting to learn that an average person uses and throws away 700 plastic bags every 3 months! That is an awful lot of waste. We were very grateful for their visit as we have just been writing letters to 7 Eleven to ask them to stop giving out plastic bags.

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The Year 5 Balloon Debate

Another great event this week, the Year 5 Balloon debate. The children were captivated by the speech’s of the 6 houses. Well done to all children who took part and special well done to PimPim and Prinn, the joint balloon debate winners.

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Weekly Review 8th June

Dear Parents,


What a fun-filled week Year 5 have had! 5MC’s Class Assembly took us all the way back to the beginning of Year 5 and reminded us of all the fantastic work that has taken place this year. We were also able to listen to the absolutely amazing speeches in the Balloon Debate- all of the children were brilliant and should be extremely proud of themselves! As if this wasn’t enough action for one week, we also had a visit from the charity ‘Grin Green’, who are currently campaigning to help Thailand join a the growing list of nations around the world in banning disposable waste like plastic bags. If you would like to read more about the charity, the website is:


Year 5’s Charity Enterprise is in full swing. They created their logos, thinking about shape, colour and line style to best portray their company. The children then carried out their own market research, asking children from Year 3 and 4 about their favourite colours, products they would like and how much they would be willing to pay etc. They were then able to start designing their products and working together to create a ‘shopping list’ of resources that they could buy with their 100 Baht budget.


In Maths this week, we have focused calculating profit and loss- a vital skill if they wish to succeed with their Charity Enterprise learning. The children were able to calculate the profit of ‘Pete’s Pizza Parlour’ by calculating his money earned through sales, minus raw materials and his expenses. This supported the children they were deciding how their products would be manufactured.


In Literacy, some classes have continued writing persuasive letters, with the message of reducing the amount of single-use plastics used in our local area. It has been excellent to see the children showcase all of the features they have been working on over the last few weeks!


In Science, the children have been separating a variety of materials and investigating how they can do this in the most efficient way. They were able to work collaboratively to plan and carry out their test fairly.


Dates for your diary:


-The children will need their blazers for a ‘Dragon’s Den’ pitch- Thursday 14th or Friday 15th June.

-Charity Enterprise Sales- 25th and 26th of June.

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5MC’s Class Assembly

What a performance from 5MC in their class assembly. I am immensely proud of all the groups for writing their own scripts and performing them so confidently. Well done!

Also, a special well done to Fern, who represented Williams house superbly in the Balloon Debate this year!

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