Sports Day – 5MC

5MC were able to show off their physical capabilities this week during the Year 5 and 6 Sports Day. It was fantastic to see the children showing great sportsmanship and also showing a competitive edge! They loved representing their houses and I know it was a day that the children very much enjoyed!

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Weekly Review – Friday 19th January

Friday 19th January

In Literacy this week, the children have begun to learn all about Non-Chronological reports. We investigated different examples of this text type and created a toolkit of language and structural features that we expect to find in them. Now we have begun to research a planet in the solar system in preparation for writing and presenting our own report.

In Maths, the children have been learning all about Geometry, with a focus on angles. They have been working on measuring angles, drawing angles and finding angles in shapes. Next week, we will continue with our Geometry focus and begin to find the area and perimeter of shapes.

In Humanities this week, we have begun to research the History of space and put major events on to a timeline. We have chosen 6 key events for each class to focus on and this will link to our art topic and will replace the large collage work in the Year 5 corridor.

In Science, we have begun to understand the motion of the Earth and how it moves in space. For some children this was an eye-opening discussion as they were unaware that the Earth moves around the sun and not the other way around. We linked this learning into finding out about the different seasons and day/night.

In Art, we have continued to develop our collaging technique and have decided which 6 key events we will be focusing on when we create our giant collages. We will practice collage skills before creating our own giant collages for display, so watch this space.

Finally, the Year 5 team would just like to congratulate the children on a fantastic sports day. The competition was fierce and the children gave 100% in all events and should be immensely proud of themselves.  Thank you to all parents who came along and supported this wonderful event.

Enjoy your weekend.

Many thanks

The Year 5 Team


5RW Class Assembly – Tuesday 30th January

Charity Fair – Monday 5th February

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5GA become experts at feature spotting!

This week, 5GA have been looking at the key language features of non-chronological reports. They were given different areas to focus on and by the end of the session, were able to teach their peers all they needed to know about their key feature. Watch this informative video to find out what they have learnt…

Untitled from SHB Prep on Vimeo.

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Amazing Angles

5MC have been learning about angles during Numeracy lessons this week. The children were able to accurately draw and measure a range of acute, obtuse and reflex angles and it was great to see them challenge themselves with reasoning and problem solving questions!

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Weekly Review – Friday 12th January

Friday 12th January

Happy New Year and a warm welcome back to our new term! Firstly, a huge well done to all of our Year 5 children for their fantastic Long Term Projects from last term. We have a wide array of documentaries which have been completed to a high standard. Thank you for all of your support in getting them ready. I think we have some budding future Attenborough’s amongst our students.

Additionally, our thanks for your attendance at our Parent – Teacher meetings. It was a pleasure to meet with you to discuss your child’s progress.

We started our brand new topic – SPACE by discussing several important themes – Space Travel and Our Place in Space as well as beginning a discussion to find out what our children already know. It has been wonderful to hear how engaged the students are and how much independent research they have already completed. This will be very helpful over the coming weeks.

In Literacy this week, the children have begun to identify the features of Non-Chronological Reports. This is an exciting topic as it builds on our Biography work from last half term. We will be continuing to write in clear paragraphs and use features such as sub-headings, diagrams, pictures and captions and fact boxes and timelines. Additionally, we will focus on punctuation and the use of technical language. You can support your child by reading through a range of non-fiction texts, particularly those with a Space focus.

In Maths, the children completed a carousel of activities related to Geometry, demonstrating their understanding of 2D and 3D shape, area and perimeter and angles. Following this our focus has been on drawing and measuring angles accurately with a protractor.

In Humanities this week, we have begun to share our knowledge about space, as well as beginning our research about the formation of our Universe, the beginnings of the Solar System and the history and future of space travel. This research will be used as part of our Art topic.

In Science, we have begun with the vocabulary of Space. Children worked individually, or in small groups, to research and define a range of vocabulary about our topic. Putting this tricky terminology into their own words has meant that they fully understand and can use these terms accurately. It is a great start to a very technologically advanced topic! Over the next few weeks we will be learning all about day and night as well as the phases of the moon. So expect to be out star and moon gazing over the next month to observe firsthand how the sky changes.

In Art we have begun to explore our Space topic and we will create a collage timeline to explain these important events. We have begun to learn about collaging techniques which will ensure that this project is a success.

Finally, we have shared the new Long term project with your children This is a three week creative writing project which is part of a FOBISIA schools competition. The children should produce an independent and original short story of no more than 600 words. This home learning has been sent home in either their Reading Record or their Literacy and spelling book. We have recently written creative stories in Year 5 so we are excited to see the work the children produce. This is due in on Wednesday 31st January.

Enjoy your weekend.

Many thanks

The Year 5 Team


18th January – YEAR 5/6 SPORTS DAY 7:50am to 11:50am. Children can attend school in their house shirts and PE shorts/trainers. They will need a swimming kit with them for the Duathlon event. Children MUST have a hat, water bottle and towel with them.

Parents are very welcome to attend Sports Day and we look forward to hearing you cheer your children and their houses!

15th – 19th January – Due to senior school residential week, all swimming lessons will be PE lessons. Please ensure students have their PE kit.

22nd – 26th January – All swimming lessons will become DUATHLONS and students will need both Swimming and PE kit.


Notices:  As one of our Maths focuses is Multiplication it is very important for all children to be confident with their times tables. This website has many online games where children can practice their speed and accuracy. It is also important to practice the inverse (division).

 One game which can be played on tablets is:

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Term 2 starts with a Big Bang in 5CN

Happy New Year!

As we start our topic on Space and the Big Bang this term, we have been looking at non-chronological reports (or information texts) on space this week. The pupils have researched and identified the features of non-chronological reports to use in their own galactic writing next week, then created group posters to showcase these skills. I’m sure you’ll agree, 5CN’s posters look fab!

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Weekly Review – Thursday 14th December

Thursday 14th December

It has been another incredibly busy week in Year 5, with class parties, assemblies, finishing off work and Christmas activities galore.

In Literacy this week, the children have been completing their hot task biography writing. They invented an explorer and a discovery and created a detailed biography of their life. The writing has been very impressive on the whole and it is clear that the children have learnt lots of the different text and language features over the last few weeks.

In Maths, the children have been completing their have a go challenge and solving investigations all about measures.  Some classes even took part in a Christmas activity, where they had to create their own mathematical board game. In term 2a, we will be learning all about geometry and angles, should you like to have a go at any maths over the holidays. A good website to use is.

In Humanities this week, we have carried out a detailed river study, looking into the traffic of different boats on the Chao Praya. Did you know that on average, over 789,000 boat pass by our school each year? The children really enjoyed concluding our topic and are all set to learn about Space in term 2a.

In Science, continuing our work into ‘Living Things and their Habitats’ the children have created large-scale mind maps into different living things. They have then used role play to show the different stages of a life cycle of a plant. Some of these will be on show during 5RW’s assembly in January.

In Art, we have concluded our work around the artist Andy Goldsworthy. The children used their new sketching skills and used different pencils to make detailed sketches of some of Andy’s most famous pieces. Look out for these on the display board in the corridor.

Finally, the Year 5 team would like to wish you a restful and peaceful holiday and we look forward to welcoming you back on January 9th.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Many thanks

The Year 5 Team


Friday 15th December – all children need collecting at 12:40. There are no Youtimes on Friday.

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5GA carry out a river survey!

Today, 5GA took a walk down to the riverside to observe the different boats that travel past the school. They were surprised to find that the most common type of boat was the hotel shuttle boats.  They discussed how carrying out the survey and different times may have given us different results. Well done 5GA! 

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Weekly Review- Friday 8th December

Friday 8th December 
As we are beginning to come to an end to our Bangkok and Khao Yai topic, it is clear to see all of the hard work that the children have put in this term. With one more week to go, I think that our new Value of the Month ‘Humour’ is particularly important. A good sense of humour can play an important role as we deal with different situations, including the challenging ones!

As a reminder, we have arranged for Christmas parties to take place on Thursday 14th December in lessons 5 and 6. Students can bring party clothes with them to school and change at lunchtime. Please liaise with your Class Teacher or Class Rep to make arrangements for bringing in food. Parents are very welcome to join us, but we ask that you do not arrive until 2pm. Many thanks for your support.

In Literacy this week, the children have been using their plans to write their own biographies. They have been learning all about relative clauses, how to use quotes, singular and plural and how to structure a paragraph. They have then put these skills into practice to create their own well-structured biography about their made-up famous explorer.    

In Numeracy , we have almost completed our work on measures. The children have learnt all about the metric system which is used to measure length, volume, capacity and weight and have compared this with the imperial units, which are still in use in some countries today. They have used their iPads to help them with the metric and imperial conversions and to research independently. We have also learnt about Area and Perimeter and developed our problem solving skills. Next we will complete our exciting ‘Have a go’ and put our skills into action. 

In Humanities this week, we have been continuing our work on Khao Yai and Bangkok. The children have carried out a survey into the boat traffic on the Chao Phraya River. They are then going to use this data to create their own graphs and charts on their iPads. 

In Science, continuing our work into ‘Living Things and their Habitats’, the children have been exploring pollination. They were able to create some excellent presentations on this, using acting skills in order to recreate each step of pollination. The children also furthered their learning by explaining seed dispersal and how this can affect the life cycle of a plant. 

In Art, we have continued our work around Andy Goldsworthy. After learning about different types of sketching pencils and practising our sketching skills, the children were able to sketch some of Andy’s famous pieces of art. There were some fantastic examples of blending to create edges within these pieces of work. 

Enjoy your weekend. 

Many thanks,

The Year 5 Team


Thursday 14th December – Class Christmas parties – parents are welcome to join us in class from 2pm. 

Friday 15th December – School closes at 12:40pm. Please arrange for your child to be collected early.

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5MC’s Measures Challenge!

5MC have put all of their measures learning into practice this week. They were tasked with creating new buildings and new drinks for both Khao Yao and Bangkok, finding the area, perimeter and volume of these. Whilst resisting the urge to eat the Pocky Sticks (which some children found particularly challenging in itself), they were able to create some great presentations to share their learning. Well done 5MC!

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