Friday 31st March

Year 5 have had a busy week full of tricky problems, super team work and brilliant brainstorming. Our trips to the Escape Hunt were fantastic – with most children able to solve their mystery and escape (with a few hints from the resident detectives!). All the children behaved in a mature manner and were a credit to school. Pictures from our trips are available to see on the blog – with a reminder that if you comment, please write your name as your child’s name + relationship e.g. Jack’s Mum, Bob’s Dad.

In Literacy this week, we read a suspense text called ‘The iPad’. This engaging mystery included lots of suspense features. The children followed the Talk for writing process by first text-mapping and internalizing the text, and then innovating to create their own suspense-filled paragraph. We learnt about the three main ways to innovate a text: adaptation, substitution and alteration. Next, the children will use their shoe box crime scenes to create their own suspense text.

In Maths, we have continued to solve difficult missing number problems. These activities use many of the problem solving skills we have been learning over the last few weeks.

In Humanities this week, we have continued our work based around Sherlock Holmes. We have also learnt about 4 figure grid references and will soon be using this skill to find hidden QR codes around school.

In Science, we have continued our new unit Animals inc. Humans. This week we have been learning about harmful and helpful drugs. This topic is very important and there has been some good discussion around the subject.

In art, we have continued to focus on shade and tone, creating detailed 3D drawings. The children showed fantastic skills when sketching chess pieces, carefully considering about the angle that their piece was posed at and how it affected their outcome. We are working towards a final piece of work, where the children will use their new skills to make detailed sketches of crime scene evidence.

Finally, the children enjoyed an assembly with Brendon from Shark Guardian. They listened carefully and were able to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. Thank you to all parents who attended and bought merchandise after school.

Enjoy your weekend.

Many thanks

The Year 5 Team


Next week

Wednesday 5th April – Songkran Celebrations. Merit making with 9 monks – 6:30am until 7:30am.

Please note that there will be no water fights this year and the children will need to wear toned down, darker Songkran shirts. Thank you.

Children can bring 100 Baht with them to buy a Thai toy from the Thai department.

Friday 7th April – End of Term 2 – please pick up your child up at 12:50pm on this day. There will be no after-school You Time activities.

Tuesday 25th April – Start of Term 3A – Day 7.