Many thanks to all parents who came to the Parent/Teacher conferences this week. We appreciate your on-going support and hope that we were able to answer any questions. If you were unable to attend, please arrange an alternative time with your child’s class teacher via the communication books.

In Literacy, the children have continued writing their myths. They have drawn upon the techniques that they have learnt over the course of this unit and have included key features to write exciting and engaging battle scenes.  Next week, they will publish their own myths, creating new characters and settings.

In Maths, the children have applied new addition and subtraction skills when having a go at worded problems. This is where they use the skills learnt previously in real life contexts – a crucial aspect of the learning cycle.

In Humanities this week, children have engaged in debates, arguing whether it is best to live in Athens or Sparta. They have researched many reasons to evidence their points and will now move on to creating an advertisement to persuade a Greek princess to live in their preferred location.

In Science, we assisted Hermes by conducting a practical investigation into friction.

Our Art vases have taken a little longer to completely dry than we had hoped. They will be fired in the kiln this week, so we may have to wait until after half term to paint them. If they go into the kiln when wet, the water expands and they shatter…so we thought it best to be safe!

As this is a short week, we have decided to give the children additional time to complete their long term projects. Therefore there will be no Maths homework this week. Homework will resume next Friday.

Enjoy your weekend!

Many Thanks,

     The Year 5 Team



Khao Yai Meeting – Monday 18th October


Celebration Assembly – Friday 20th October – All children to wear house shirts please.