Friday 9th February

Year 5 have had another exciting week!  We began with our fantastic twin day, as part of Charity Week. The children looked amazing and we hope that you enjoyed looking at the photos on the blog. A huge thank you for the effort with creating and organising this year’s costumes and also for supporting Charity Week. The current total of money raised is a whopping 175,000THB. This is an incredible figure and will go a long way in supporting our charity partners.

In Literacy this week, the children have completed a ‘cold task’ piece of writing. They watched a clip of a NASA launch and had to write a diary entry from the perspective of an astronaut on board the space shuttle. The children will now learn all about diary extracts before writing a ‘hot task’ based on the movie, The Martian.

In Maths, we have continued with our number work and have been learning all about special numbers such as factors, multiples, squared and cubed numbers and prime numbers. Feel free to ask the children and test them on which one is which! We have been very impressed with the amount of children attempting the gold challenge in our classes and long may this continue.

In Humanities this week, we decided our position in the debate about the Space race and considered the arguments we will make. Some of the classes had a very energetic and thought provoking debate about the role of NASA and the Soviet Union and who won the space race.

In Science, we continued to explore the size of the universe and looked at the distances between stars and planets in the Milky Way Galaxy and the distance between galaxies.

In Art, the children have begun to create their large scale art pieces using collaging techniques. Hopefully, these will be on display in the Year 5 corridor after February half term so watch this space. They look great!

Balloon Debate 2018 has now officially been launched. The children are very excited by this and it promises to be a top quality debating competition. If your child is interested, they need to think of a famous person/historical figure and create a 1 minute speech as to why they should remain in the balloon and be their house representative for the competition. Following this, a vote will take place, with the winners being selected. It is a big commitment but very worthwhile and the winners will have to give up several lunchtimes to prepare for the final in June. The 1 minute speeches need to be ready for Thursday 1st March and more details can be found on the Year 5 firefly page.

Enjoy your weekend.

Many thanks

The Year 5 Team


Friday 16th February – School is closed. Break up is on Thursday.