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5GS explore numbers to 100000!

This week, 5GS have been looking at the value of each digit in numbers up to 100000. They have identified 6 digit numbers shown in a range of representations and found out what happens to a number when 10s, 100s and 1000s are added using their knowledge of place value.  

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5MC Get Descriptive!

5MC have been working hard this week describing characters from Percy Jackson. Using a thesaurus, the children were able to use some fantastic adjectives and even apply their grammar knowledge of relative and subordinate clauses to their work! I was very impressed.

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Indiana Jones Watch Out!

5CH have been working extremely hard this week to improve their understanding of place value up to 100,000, using reasoning and trial and error. They have also been looking at setting and character description to improve creative writing.  By adding adjectives, similes, metaphors and personification, they have made their descriptions so interesting to read! In […]

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Weekly Review – 07.09.18

Dear Parents, This week we’ve been doing some assessments in Maths, Reading and Writing. These are nothing to worry about. They are for the teachers so we know which areas to focus on in class. We are continuing to learn about Ancient Greece and are beginning to look at spreadsheets in ICT lessons. This Week’s […]

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Isaac Newton and Krispy Kremes

In Science this week, 5JK have used force meters to measure the effect that gravity has on different objects. Everyone made some great Pic Collages of this to stick in our topic books. We found it tricky when distinguishing between weight and mass. Is this something you could research more at home? Finn and Aricia […]

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