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Weekly Review – 21.09.18

Dear Parents, This week we came together as a whole school to celebrate World Peace Day. Thank you to all pupils who wore blue and white and donated to charity. It was lovely to see Year 5 being so well represented in the Chamber Choir performance. This Week’s Notices Literacy We have been studying the […]

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Air Resistance

In 5JK we investigated air resistance by designing and making running parachutes. We found that everyone ran slower with the parachute but also realised that it wasn’t really a fair test. How could we design a fair test to investigate this further? Here is some interesting information about air resistance. Take the forces and motion […]

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5GS create Greek Pottery!

Following our study of Greek pottery designs from last week, 5GS started on the first stage of making their clay pots. They had to follow a series of steps to make sure the pots were neat and smooth so that there would be no cracking when the pots go into the kiln on Monday.

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Peace Day in 5MC.

The whole school came together today to celebrate Peace Day. In class, we discussed why we have Peace Day and what we can do to bring peace to our school. This linked in really well with the character strength respect. I would like to give a special mention to Dasha, Matteo and Sarute for their […]

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