Archives for October 26th, 2018

Welcome back, 5CH!

5CH have made a smart and enthusiastic return to school, with lots of excitement building towards our residential trip to Khao Yai. ¬†All information for this can be found on the parent portal. We have finished our work on addition and subtraction word problems and will begin to look at multiplication and division next week. […]

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5GS put their parachutes to the test!

Following on from last half-term’s work on air-resistance, the children were challenged to build their own parachutes taking¬† size, shape and type of material into careful consideration. The teams chose one runner each and measured the difference in time taken to run a certain distance with and without their parachutes. The teamwork carried out during […]

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Biographies in 5MC!

The children have enjoyed learning about biographies this week. Using biographies about Ronald Dahl, Usain Bolt and J.K Rowling, the children worked collaboratively to identify the features of a biography and text mark the models.

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