5KP go plant sketching

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Ex Cathedra entertain 5CH

Another very exciting week in Y5 has seen the children painting using water colours, discussing the features of biographies, multiplying huge numbers, becoming botonists for the morning and having a great time singing with Ex Cathedra.


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5KP take part in the World’s Largest Lesson!

This week 5KP have been learning about all sorts of interesting topics such as:

Using Google MyMaps to pinpoint and write about our favourite restaurants in Bangkok…

Singing and dancing with Ex Cathedra…

…and learning about UNICEF’S global goals for 2030. We took part in the World’s Largest Lesson and discussed different ways to help resolve the issues the world faces today. Then we drew ourselves as superheroes, showing how we could make a difference to these goals ourselves – as you can see below.

If you want to find out more information, head to and see how you can help save the world.

Have great weekends!

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Happy birthday Munich!

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Happy birthday Jina!

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5MC Finish Their Greek Pots!

5MC’s Pots arrived back from the kiln this week ready to paint! The children looked at their designs and used traditional colored paints to recreate their designs. They really do look great!

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Ex-Cathedra in Year 5!

Year 5 have been movin’ and groovin’ this week with Ex-Cathedra! They have loved doing the dances and they sound great!

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5GS use Google My Maps!

This morning, 5GS were very excited to learn how to create collaborative maps in order to share information. Mr. Knight showed the children how to pin-point places and challenged them to locate their favourite restaurants in Bangkok, add information about the food and service as well as change their icons to reflect the cuisine. The children enjoyed sharing their information in such an interactive way and they look forward to creating their own maps in next week’s session.





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Welcome back, 5CH!

5CH have made a smart and enthusiastic return to school, with lots of excitement building towards our residential trip to Khao Yai.  All information for this can be found on the parent portal.

We have finished our work on addition and subtraction word problems and will begin to look at multiplication and division next week.

We have also begun to study our new literacy topic, biographies. We focused upon the features found in examples written about Usain Bolt,  J.K Rowling, Roald Dahl and Isaac Newton.

Lastly, we finished painting our Greek pottery,which involve some very unique designs! They will be making their way home next week.

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5GS put their parachutes to the test!

Following on from last half-term’s work on air-resistance, the children were challenged to build their own parachutes taking  size, shape and type of material into careful consideration. The teams chose one runner each and measured the difference in time taken to run a certain distance with and without their parachutes. The teamwork carried out during this activity was exceptional, every child fully participated and all suggestion and ideas were acknowledged. Well done 5GS!

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