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What a lovely week we are having in 5CH!

We have been visited by 10IL, who read to use and discussed their favourite books. 

We have also been designing our own David Walliams book covers, using our knowledge of rhyme and alliteration.

Finally, we have been discussing the Sustainable Development Global Goals and sharing our understanding of their importance.

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Terrible Twins!

Thank you to everyone for making such an effort as part of our Charity Day!

The twins were out in force and all looked brilliant!


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Happy Chinese New Year from 5CH!

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Fantastic Fractions

5CH have continued working on their fractions skills this week, looking at converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions, as well as challenging themselves to find common denominators.

We have also been empathizing with characters and creating video diaries imagining we were Mark Watney, stranded on Mars.

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5CH Create Astronaut Ice Cream

Using their incredible knowledge of fractions, 5CH created their own Ice Cream to take into space with them.

After all, you need something sweet when your version of watching a film is looking down at Earth each night!


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5MC Create Video Diaries!

5MC have been working really hard to write their own diary entries this week. Today, the children recorded their own video diary in role as Mark Watney being left on Mars by his crew. The children recorded them on their iPads so you can watch and see how convincing they are!

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5GS design homes for Mars!

In Maths, 5GS were challenged to design their own Mars home, using their knowledge of area and perimeter learning from this week.


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2019: A 5KP Space Odyssey

5KP have had a blast starting their space topic this term! 

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5CH begin their journey into space

We have had a very settled week back in class and the children were very excited to see each other, despite a few sleepy starts!

This week we have begun our topic:

‘Mission to Mars’ and we are beginning to share what we already know and ask questions about what we would like to find out.

We began researching objects found in space today and creating a collage, using our understanding of colour and texture.

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Happy New Year 5CH

Welcome back and a very Happy New Year to all of 5CH and their families!

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