Khao Yai by Young In and Ni

Young In and Ni in 5MC created a fantastic Pic Collage explaining their time in Khao Yai. As you can see by the photos, a great time was had by all!

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Goodbye Group 1 and Hello Group 2!

Group one have had an amazing trip and are on their way back as we speak.

Group two have already started the activities at St Stephens. We can’t wait for the barbecue this evening.


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Khao Yai Trekking!

Another fun filled day on residential. Here are a few snaps of us jungle exploring. More to follow after the trip.

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Monday Khao Yai

We are here safe and sound.

Sorry for no earlier post. We have been super busy and the wifi isn’t that great when uploading photos.

We’ve had a great time team building, navigating low ropes and eating lots of barbecue!

We had singing, magic tricks, dancing and even a haka at Khao Yai’s Got Talent.

Everyone is now tucked up in bed ready for another fun-filled day tomorrow.

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Amazing Anecdotes in 5MC!

5MC have been learning about anecdotes and how they are used in biographies. The children loved sharing their funny (and sometimes mischievous) memories with the class.

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Brilliant Botonists

5CH have spent another week working hard and preparing for their trip to Khao Yai!
We have been learning about multiples, factors and prime numbers and the children are applying their new skills brilliantly.

We have also been continuing our roles as botanists by exploring flowers and plants, labeling them and discussing the role of each part.

During our art lessons, we have been creating an artist profile about Andy Goldsworthy. He is an environmental artist and we we will be using his ideas to inspire some of our own work in Khao Yai.

Finally, we a have been looking at anecdotes as part of our biography topic. Ms. Jireh , Ms. Woods and I have learnt some very funny facts and stories about the class!

Please have a restful weekend in preparation for next week. The kit list has been stuck into communication books to help with packing and if you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.


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5GS’ Artist Studies!

This week, 5GS have been learning all about the environmental artist, Andy Goldsworthy. They have carried out lots of research and noticed that he uses natural materials to create his pieces. After reading about the many countries that Andy Goldsworthy has visited to create his artwork, the children located them using Google My Maps and discussed why his artwork may differ from place to place. Finally, they presented their information by creating these wonderful artist study pages. Read through them to find out more about Andy Goldsworthy!



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5KP go plant sketching

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Ex Cathedra entertain 5CH

Another very exciting week in Y5 has seen the children painting using water colours, discussing the features of biographies, multiplying huge numbers, becoming botonists for the morning and having a great time singing with Ex Cathedra.


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5KP take part in the World’s Largest Lesson!

This week 5KP have been learning about all sorts of interesting topics such as:

Using Google MyMaps to pinpoint and write about our favourite restaurants in Bangkok…

Singing and dancing with Ex Cathedra…

…and learning about UNICEF’S global goals for 2030. We took part in the World’s Largest Lesson and discussed different ways to help resolve the issues the world faces today. Then we drew ourselves as superheroes, showing how we could make a difference to these goals ourselves – as you can see below.

If you want to find out more information, head to and see how you can help save the world.

Have great weekends!

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