Biographies in 5MC!

The children have enjoyed learning about biographies this week. Using biographies about Ronald Dahl, Usain Bolt and J.K Rowling, the children worked collaboratively to identify the features of a biography and text mark the models.

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5KP celebrate Greek Day!

Happy belated Greek Day! The end of Term 1a has been a whirlwind and 5KP have really enjoyed their Greek day! Take a look at some of the amazing activities below. After half term, we will be focusing on Bangkok and Khao Yai as our topic work, biographies for literacy and multiplication and division for maths – check your child’s class googledrive for more info! Wishing everyone a happy and safe half term!


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5MC Become Groovy Greeks!

5MC have had an action packed week this week. One of the highlights of this had to be Greek Day. The children loved getting involved in the activities and it was great to see them try some new foods in our taste of Greece session.

All the children looked fantastic in their outfits so thanks again for making Greek Day so amazing!

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Ancient Greece Day in 5GS

5GS have had a wonderful week. They have finished painting their pots, learnt all about air-resistance and become fully immersed in everything Ancient Greek! They all looked incredible in their outfits and thoroughly enjoyed making Laurel wreaths, tasting traditional Greek food and writing secret messages using the Greek alphabet. For all of 5GS’ photographs from this special day, please follow the link.


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Year 5 Review

What a jam packed week it’s been!

We had a very successful Greek Day. Everyone is now fluent in Greek, can hunt with a javelin and in love with green olives. Thank you for the effort put into the costumes – everyone looked fantastic.

The Swim Festival was a great success. Thank you to the PE and Swimming teams for making it such an enjoyable event.

Thank you to all parents who attended the Parent/Teacher Conferences.

Looking forwards to next half term:

25.10.18 – 13:45 – Memorial Hall – Khao Yai Introduction Talk

12.11.18 – 07:30 – Khao Yai Trip Week

Our new topic will be Bangkok and Khao Yai. In class we will contrast the two locations and prepare for out trip to the National Park.

We thank you for your continued support and wish everyone a restful half term break.

Year 5 Team

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Greek Day in 5JK

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Ancient Greece Arrives at Shrewsbury

5CH transformed into the people of Ancient Greece for a day to remember this week. We were involved in wreath making, decoding messages using the Ancient Greek alphabet, a mini olympics session and finally, an afternoon of tasting Ancient Greek delights.

The children applied their topic knowledge, worked as teams in their events and asked so many interesting questions. They also made some very funny faces when trying olives and feta cheese!

Our last visit of the day was to Mount Olympus, where we met Medusa, the Minotaur and Zeus and we all had a fantastic day!

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Happy birthday Pun!

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Excellent Editing in 5MC!

This week, the children have been editing their myths to make them the best that they can be. They had 5 minutes at each ‘editing station’ to identify the feature and read through a paragraph of their work. They did fantastically well and are close to having them published. Well done 5MC!

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5CH Test Air Resistance

This week we have been studying air resistance and the children completed an experiment to test out the idea.

5CH created parachutes using their understanding of aerodynamics, surface area and air resistance to see whether they would affect their running speed.

Some really interesting predictions were made and, as you can see from the pictures, they had a great time testing them out!



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