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5CH create perfect pots!

In 5CH we have been using different techniques to turn our Greek pot designs into 3D models. We rolled, cut and shaped the clay and tried our best to match the shapes of our designs. We will find out how successful we have been when we fire them in the kiln and paint them.

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5RK Ordering beasts for Hades!

This week we have worked hard revisiting our Place Value skills but also developing our knowledge of Roman Numerals and the value of decimal digits. Today we had to help Hades, god of the underworld, order his mythical beasts by weight in kilograms and convert them to grams. It was fun to work in teams […]

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Year 5CH Ancient Greek Archaeology

In 5CH we learnt about what archaeologists do. We discussed the skills you would need to have to be an archaeologist and then we practised by carefully digging for artefacts. Next we discussed how the objects might have been used in the time of the Ancient Greeks. We had some very interesting suggestions – such […]

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