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5CH get arty (inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe)

5CH have been busy over the last week – drawing these incredible oil pastel flowers. They have worked hard to blend┬ácarefully and to create natural flower shapes in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe.

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5RW Colour Wheels

5RW today created colour wheels using oil pastels. The children learnt how to make different strokes with the pastels and how to blend them into other colours. This is all in preparation for our large scale art work in the next coming weeks. The children had lots of fun creating the wheels and are excited […]

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5CH create perfect pots!

In 5CH we have been using different techniques to turn our Greek pot designs into 3D models. We rolled, cut and shaped the clay and tried our best to match the shapes of our designs. We will find out how successful we have been when we fire them in the kiln and paint them.

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5RW Greek Pot Making

It has been a great day today in 5RW. After planning and designing their own pots, the children put their new skills into practice by making their pots from clay. First, the children had to roll the clay into a ball before placing their thumb inside and using their fingers to work the clay into […]

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5AW Art

Archaeology has provided us with invaluable information about the past…and Greek vases are a fine example of useful historical artefacts. So we decided to create our own! We have studied imagery used on vases, then created our own scenes to represent on our pottery. After we have finished our planning, we will use clay to […]

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