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5AW Vases

A little later than planned, but our vases are looking good! We tried hard to precisely control our paint brush, and children focused well…just take a look at the photos! We then interpreted our works of art as if they were in a gallery.

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5AW Greek Warfare

5AW built on their assembly learning by studying hoplites and triremes in greater detail. We the re-enacted the famous battle of Salamis (well…) and tried to use physical theatre to represent the trireme. Can you spot the prow, sail, oars, hoplites and captain?

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5RW Greek Quest Maths

This week 5RW worked in mixed groups to bring together their learning about place value, rounding, ordering numbers and roman numerals. The children had to complete 6 tasks to help Hades in his Underworld Labyrinth. All of the children worked incredibly hard and lots of positive teamwork was on display.

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5CH Greek Drama

In Year 5 we have been learning all about Greek Myths. This week we have adapted and re-written the myths for an audience. We learnt our lines, created body language for our characters and thought carefully about how we should perform. We had great fun watching each others performances.

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5RK Quest Hook

In 5RK, we had to go on a quest to find Ms Dennison’s missing glasses! We walked through forests, muddy swamps and even down rocky mountains. We found an Oracle who guided us to the Shrewsbury Beast. We had a lot of fun using drama skills to act out out each section of the adventure. […]

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5AW Archaeology

How do we know about past civilisations? What can artefacts tell us about the Greeks? In order to answer these questions, 5AW had to dig deep into both their minds and a sand pit! We learned a little about how archaeologists work, before putting this knowledge into practice. After we had located various objects, we […]

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