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5RK Detective Puzzle Books With 4GA

As part of our challenge for our Maths enquiry, we created puzzle books based on place value and adding and subtracting. We wrote word problems as well as variety of rounding, decimal and missing number problems. 4GA really enjoyed solving the problems and we learned a lot from evaluating our work and how we would […]

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Maths Booklet Madness!

5RW had great fun today showcasing their knowledge and understanding of number. In groups, the children created detective maths booklets which included work on place value, decimals, the four operations, word problems and number patterns. They then swapped booklets and answered each others questions. Great fun!  

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5RK Solving Measures Problems

In 5RK we had the task to solve measures problems based on Khao Yai and Bangkok. We worked in teams to measure length, weight, capacity and volume as well as converting from metric to imperial. Untitled from SHB Prep on Vimeo.

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5RK Measures Match

In 5RK, we have begun our new topic in Maths based on measures. For our hook lesson, we had to organise and sort words and pictures to match the titles length, weight and capacity. We had a lot of fun working together and discussing what the vocabulary meant. Untitled from SHB Prep on Vimeo.

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5RW Amazing data

The children worked very hard in Maths this week and completed their data topic by creating these amazing skills posters. The children had to work in groups and they showed excellent teamwork to create bar charts, line graphs, pictograms, pie charts and find the averages of data. They even managed to create their own questions […]

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5AW Measure

As part of our new maths focus on “Measure”, we looked at the vocabulary that¬†we would be using and tried to sort it. At first, we matched words to their symbols, and then we thought a little more deeply about types of measure (length, volume, area, mass). Finally, we separated Imperial and Metric. Phew! Here’s […]

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5AW Maths Hook

5AW began their new maths unit of addition and subtraction by using skills they already have to investigate¬†a number of challenges. It was great to see different methods being used and recorded, but what impressed me the most was the collaboration skills demonstrated. Have a look at the video below, and see if you can […]

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5RW Greek Quest Maths

This week 5RW worked in mixed groups to bring together their learning about place value, rounding, ordering numbers and roman numerals. The children had to complete 6 tasks to help Hades in his Underworld Labyrinth. All of the children worked incredibly hard and lots of positive teamwork was on display.

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5RK Ordering beasts for Hades!

This week we have worked hard revisiting our Place Value skills but also developing our knowledge of Roman Numerals and the value of decimal digits. Today we had to help Hades, god of the underworld, order his mythical beasts by weight in kilograms and convert them to grams. It was fun to work in teams […]

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