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5CH Science: The Circulatory System

On Monday, 5CH enjoyed a unique science lesson with Mr. Wright. We have been learning all about the Circulatory System and they were able to watch as Mr Wright dissected an animal heart to show them the pulmonary artery, ventricles and atrium. Finally, they saw how the lungs inflated, before having the opportunity to hold […]

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5AW Heart Dissection

As part of our learning on the circulatory system, we dissected a pig’s heart. This enabled us to visualise what happens within the body and consolidate prior theoretical understanding. Children felt the activity was both fun and informative, and would certainly recommend we do this again in future! With thanks to Ms Marilyn for her […]

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5,4,3,2,1……Lift Off! Year 5 trip to the National Science Museum

What an amazing day! Year 5 enjoyed a thoroughly informative and action packed day at the National Science Museum. The day started with an entertaining science show, where the children learnt all about friction, bumps and bounces – with many children having the opportunity to volunteer and win special prizes. After the show, we split […]

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5AW animal classification

5AW have been researching and classifying animals using a giant mind map. First, we checked our understanding and any misconceptions. Then we collected resources and carried out some research. Finally, we decided how we could order our findings and presented these back to the class. It was great to see prior language learning appear, for […]

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5CH Air Resistance

In 5CH we have been investigating air resistance.  We chose one runner for each group and then timed them running on the track. Next we investigated how to increase the air resistance acting on the runner. Our designs included large sheets of cardboard and plastic bag parachutes. Finally, we attached our designs to our runners […]

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5AW Air Resistance

As part of our science unit on forces, 5AW have been investigating the effects of air resistance. We discovered that a large surface area will create drag, and hopefully slow an object down. In this case, the objects being slowed down were…5AW! We felt afterwards that we may also have been able to affect friction […]

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