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5RW’s cool collages

Today, we completed our space themed collages. The children worked very hard on this large-scale art project and have created six, unique and well-thought out pieces. Keep an eye out for them going on display in the Year 5 corridor.  

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5,4,3,2,1……Lift Off! Year 5 trip to the National Science Museum

What an amazing day! Year 5 enjoyed a thoroughly informative and action packed day at the National Science Museum. The day started with an entertaining science show, where the children learnt all about friction, bumps and bounces – with many children having the opportunity to volunteer and win special prizes. After the show, we split […]

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5AW Long Term Projects

I have been impressed with the originality, research and presentation of the projects submitted so far. The children have clearly been resourceful and have applied lots of effort. As a class, we will look to develop our ability to reflect on our learning and make improvements based on feedback. Have a look – We’d┬álove to […]

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