6JB – Literacy Prepositions

Today in Literacy we took examples of prepositions from Kensuke’s Kingdom. We were separated into groups of 5 or 6 to create a poster of the examples. We had a class competition between how many examples the girls and boys found. Here are two pictures of our work:

-Ninnie and JaJa


Year 6 – Primary Music Fobisia 2018

On Thursday the 15th of March – last week – Y6 and a few of the Year 5 students went to Tanglin T rust School in Singapore. Our purpose The Primary Music Fobisia festival. After 12 hours a day of rehearsing for 3 long days at the School, we conducted 2 incredible concerts. The choir sang and the orchestra played enthusiastically. There were Violins, Flutes, Oboes, Saxophones and more in the concert.


Here are some photos from Singapore…


-Yuji, Ting Ting








Year 6 – Happiness

Happiness has spread around Shrewsbury especially Year 6. We have been happy nearly all the time. With all this happiness – Year 6 bloggers have been going around the classrooms to ask what makes you happy. This was inspired by 4MD’s assembly. Here is a video of children and teachers answers:

Year 6 – Hapiness from SHB Prep on Vimeo.

What makes you happy? Answer in the comments!



6JN – Blackout Curtain

This week, 6JN have been testing which material is the best to use for blackout Curtains. We have learnt that Blackout Curtains are used in the Blitz during the World War 2 to protect light from getting out so enemy bombers cannot see. We then need to fill in a chart and draw a line graph of the results we get. To complete this we used a photometer (light sensor).

– Mos and Zen


6SK – Science Investigation

Last Friday, we conducted a science investigation involving light and World War 2 blackout materials. We concluded that our neck tie is the best for the blackout because it thick and dark. The worst material is paper because first its white colour,  second its thin and light can pass through it.

Pop Pap & Terng

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Year 6 – Military Drills

On Friday we went to the Atrium and also the Year 2 playground. The Drill Sergeants taught us some basic drills and skills such as ‘RIGHT TURN’ and ‘LEFT TURN’ etc. Some of the children were punished with push ups, wall squat and sit ups. It was a very exhausted time being a child. Please have a good look at this video.

883C997D-BCEE-40CC-BF64-C92ECC968849.MOV from Wolf Wolf on Vimeo.

-Jeffie and Wynn


Year 6 – Book Week Doors

Last week, since it was book week, Year 6 and other year groups decorated their doors. Here are the year 6 ones that are currently displayed.


Year 6 – Evacuation Day (2)

Last week, we had evacuation day and full book week. We dressed up as evacuees and went up to the recital hall to be chosen by the host and hostess. Almost all of us got chosen and the unlucky few didn’t have a home and the billeting officer had to sort it all.  it was really fun pretending to be evacuees and doing work for the host and hostess. We helped the host and hostess clean the rooms and fix things. In the end we all got home safely.


Year 6 – Evacuation Day

Tuesday 6th March was full of excitement for Y6. It was our evacuation day! where we tried to imitate the feelings of an evacuee. It was a really fun day. Some of us got really mean parents and got annoyed while others got luxury treatment with their guardians.

A picture of Y6 waiting to be chosen!

A picture of a not chosen evacuee

Having fun with their family and hats

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Year 6 – Blitz Experience

On Thursday, we were transported into experiencing what it was like to be in a blitz. We had to go down silently to the school’s air raid shelter which is in the basement of the Memorial Hall. Some of us were petrified! However, most of us were nice and calm. Here is a picture of us in the air raid shelter. What an engaging experience.

Ninnie and JaJa 6JB



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