6JB – Graffiti Art

In class this week we have been creating our own ‘tags’ as we experimented with different graffiti fonts. First we had to create an outline, then add marker to make sure our letters stand out. Following this we added a drop shadow to make the writing look 3D. Mr. B taught us how to blend colours using oil pastels and we applied this to our ‘tags’ to make them more eye-catching. It was great fun and we can’t wait to develop our drawing and pastel skills more. What do you think? What good art skills do you think we have shown?


6SW – Humorous Humanities

Welcome readers, today we will be writing about;


In Humanities, we have been discussing how England (Shakespeare’s home) would have looked 400+ years ago, in the Tudor Times. We made grids, 4 boxes, labeled Food, Clothing, Houses & Homes, and Transport. We had to fill the boxes with a paragraph or two that explains how it all was back in Shakespeare’s time. Some examples located below.

Kaan and Pippa

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6JN – Art Transition

Last week, we had our art transition with Ms.McCubbin in the senior art room. We made some Chedis (temples), we also learnt about different artists. The winner, Maxi, whose Chedi got chosen by Mr.Nash got a special prize.

These are some photos of our art transition:

– Claire and Yumin


6DL-DT Paper Toy

This DT lesson we have been designing the character we had picked up from a box last time. First we had to finish our research about our character and what they had on them. Then we had to sketch what we want our paper toy to  look like. Here is one example. For this one, the character is Puck from Midnight Summer’s Dream (A Shakespeare story).

– Sea and  Aaryan



Year 6 – Trip to National Science Museum

All of the Year 6 were very exited to go on an trip to the amazing Science Museum. We got to learn a lot more about light, weather, sounds, when we go to different planet (what weight will we be), and lots more…

My favourite part was when we get to buy toys and some magic games. For example; hand spinners (fidget).

There were booklets for us to do during the day. Thing that we need to finished in the booklet were… a King Bhumbiol project…  and lots more.

The Year 6 had a great time at the National Science Museum.

Year 6 – NSM from SHB Prep on Vimeo.

-Bibi and Vanisha


6JN – Literacy Romeo and Juliet

We are learning about Shakespeare, one of the playscripts we are learning about is Romeo and Juliet. In Literacy we were acting some of the scenes. There are 3 scenes, we split into 6 groups and divide the scenes to each of the groups, there would be 2 groups for each scene. This is a video of us acting out the scenes…

6JN – R&J from SHB Prep on Vimeo.


– Claire and Yumin


6SW – Forte Force

Welcome, readers! Today we will be writing about…


More specifically, fanfares and instruments.

Recently, we have been learning about fanfares, a type of song that is a short ceremonial tune or flourish played on brass instruments, used to introduce something or someone important. We attempted to make fanfares on GarageBand (keyword: attempted).

In band class, we have been playing a variety of instruments, mostly being brass and woodwind, practicing every lesson.

Next week we will share our compositions.












Kaan and Pippa

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6DL- Music Song Reading

This week in our music lesson, we have been learning to read songs using letters. Our teacher tested us using these songs. He was persuading the goods singers to go to the last night of the proms concert. Most of the children got pretty good marks. Mr Hur was looking through students voice and pulling their talent out and he was most impressed with us.

-Sea & Aaryan


Weekly Review 12/05/17

Dear Parents,

This week the Fairbairn Exhibitioner Interviews have taken place. This has involved groups of 5/6 children meeting with the Year 6 teachers (not their own class teacher) to answer some questions about themselves / their applications. Overall, 54 students took the time to thoughtfully prepare their applications. All of the Year 6 teachers were impressed with the manner in which the students presented themselves, spoke about their passions and shared their ideas for a possible presentation. As I’m sure you can imagine, it was immensely difficult for the Year 6 Team to select the 16 students to progress through the the finals and we would like to offer our thanks and congratulations to all students for taking part and being so brave!

The children have all met with Mr. Lousley to find out the results and will come home with a letter from the Year 6 Team. Thank you for the support your have given to your children for this process and I am personally very proud of all of the Year 6 students who were interviewed.

This week the children have been acting out their own scenes from Romeo and Juliet and are trying to work on developing their intonation, expression and ability to stay in role. As they present their performances to the rest of their class, they will be assessed against these skills by their peers. In Maths we have continued to develop our algebra skills and have explored balancing equations. Through out trial and improvement problem solving, we have gained an understanding that there can sometimes be many different possibilities of unknown variables.

We have all met with the Senior School Learning Mentors to discuss our transition further and it was very exciting to hear their advice for the children. Some classes were even lucky enough to have Mr. Allen there!

Today we gathered outside (dry from the rain) to have our Graduation Photograph. I have seen some quick snaps of this and can tell that it will be a great memento for the children to keep.

Please do remember the Parent in Partnership meeting next week (18th May) which will take place in the Recital Hall from 8:00-9:00. This will be led by Mrs. Goodway, Mrs. Wilkins and Ms. Weston.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Mr. J. Bilinkewycz

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6JN – Transition to Y7

In class we were starting work in our transition to Year 7 book. The first activity is this BLOB TREE! In this activity we were coloring the blob to show what we are feeling about moving up to Year 7. There are many feelings in each of us.

If you were moving somewhere new, how would you feel?

– Claire and Ale


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