World War 2 – Blitz

Look at this image from the second World War.

Q. Why do you think the children are on the street?

Q. What items can you see in the rubble behind them?

Q. Which country do you think they are from?

Q. How do you think they are feeling? Why?

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Weekly Review 3/02/17

Dear Parents,

It’s been a busy and tiring week back in Year 6 after an amazing residential in Kanchanaburi.

This week was Charity Week and the whole of the Shrewsbury community truly came together to demonstrate how much we care for our charity partners. On Monday the non-uniform day was in full flow for the Junior School and was followed by Tuesday’s Sponsored Silence. This was a tough day for the children and wasn’t as pleasant as you would expect for our teachers. We all learned a huge amount about patience and our new value of honesty. So far we have raised a fantastic 61,000 THB and we’re still waiting on all collections to come in. Please could these be sent into school by Wednesday 8th February to ensure we can share this impressive Y6 total.

On Wednesday and Thursday the Charity Fair took place and once again, it was fantastic to see so many of the Year 6’s having a great time for a good cause.

Today, we celebrated Chinese New Year in school. The MfL department led an interesting assembly and this was followed by experiencing the Chinese games and foods outside. This was organized expertly by the Shrewsbury Parents.

Monday is Sports Day!

Please can all children wear their House shirts to school along with their PE shorts and trainers. All children need a hat, water bottle and sun cream.

There will be a refreshment stall at school so children can bring a small amount of money that they are responsible for. Please can I ask that no glass bottles are brought onto the school site to ensure we can maintain our high safety standards.

All next week fun run shirts will be available to buy before and after school ready for the event on the 16th February.

Please also return your parents evening slips ASAP to ensure you get the time slot you would most prefer.

As my parting message I would like to thank the whole of Year 6. We had a truly memorable time in Kanchanaburi and that was due to the diligent planning of Mr. Nash, the organization of the TA.s and the support of the teaching staff. The children’s behavior was fantastic and I hope that they’ve shared many stories with you.

Have a great weekend and, as always, thank you for your continued support.

Mr. B

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6JN Class Assembly

Well done to all of 6JN on a fantastic assembly. It was great to hear you retell Shackleton’s epic journey of courage and resilience.


Ms. Weston’s insightful afternoon

On Wednesday afternoon, the whole of Year 6 gathered together in the newly redecorated Pre-Prep Studio. Ms. Weston shared with us some of the history of Kanchanaburi and some stories of POWs from this time.

What did you learn?

What was the most interesting thing Ms. Weston shared?

What questions do you still have?


6DL Art – Learning about Line

In Art this week 6DL have been completing a number of Art games, learning about Line.

In the photos you can see:

  • 3D first – make a model from clay and then draw it
  • Blind Drawing – trying to copy a picture without looking at what we have drawn
  • Shape Builder Games – Making a picture from 2d shapes – and drawing a picture using a step by step guide.
  • With a Partner – taking turns to draw a line – gradually building up a picture


6DL – Back to School

Happy new year kids and parents! Remember the most important part of being a child is . . . getting back to school (I mean back to cool)! So far in school, we have been learning about World War 2 after learning about explorers and more.

-Kevin and Fah


6SW- Starting our WW2 Topic

Since Monday, 6SW has started it’s new dramatic Topic… WWII. An incredibly interesting but sorrowful time in history, the class was fascinated by countless facts. On Tuesday we focused on the Thai-Burma Railway. We showed our understandings by making presentations.

– Rafa and Henry


6JN- Explorers Assembly

This morning, we presented our “Shackleton’s journey” to the Prep school and our parents.

The Year 3 teacher ” Mr.O’Brien” commented that

‘I’ve had a book about Shackleton on my bookcase for a while now, and you’ve inspired me to go home and read it (even though I know the ending now!)          

Well done!’

We had all agreed that we had an amazing assembly.











– Mark and Ethan


6SK – Resilience

This poster is representing the word ‘Resilience’. Resilience means you need to try and try and the most important thing is NEVER GIVE UP. Posters by Munn and Rose.

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Weekly Review – 13/01/17

Dear Parents,

Welcome back!

I hope you have had a pleasant and relaxing break and are as excited as we are for the term ahead. This term is ‘jam-packed’ with activities, celebration days and amazing learning experiences.

This week the children have been busy finishing their Explorers learning from last half-term and preparing ourselves to delve into the excitement that is WW2 (all whilst 6JN prepare for their class assembly – 17/01/17).

In Maths, we have started with Geometry, sharing our prior knowledge about 2D and 3D shapes. The children have used Mathematical vocabulary to explain the properties of different shapes after they designed their own war-themed models. Next week, we will explore the skills associated with shape and how to design and create our own nets for 3D models.

As the week has come to a close, we jumped into our new model text for the term – Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. This is a fantastic text with twists and turns to keep the children excited and engaged. The main character in the story is a similar age to the children and we will follow his journey as he encounters many a problem.

We are now 1 week away from our residential visit and the children (and staff) are getting very excited. If you have any questions regarding the packing list, please look on the Year 6 Firefly page at the Presentation shared with parents to find out what is required and also not allowed.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you all next week.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Mr. J. Bilinkewycz


Key Dates:

6JN Assembly – 17th January (7:50am)

Residential –

23rd – 25th

25th – 27th January

Charities Week – 30th January-3rd February

Non-Uniform – Monday 30th January (100 thb donation)

Charity Fair – 1st and 2nd February

Chinese New Year – Friday 3rd February (Dress-up day)

Y5 and 6 Sports Day – 6th Febraruy (8:00 – 12:00)

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