Another week in Year 6!

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Year 6 have enjoyed another jam packed week of learning!


In Literacy, we have continued to deepen our understanding of explorers and begun to look at the diary of Ernest Shackleton in more detail, delving deeper into unusual topic related words such as expedition, endurance and peril. Year 6 are becoming quite the vocabulary experts! In order to develop our understanding further, we used drama to re-enact different stages of his expedition, matching it to his diary entries.


In Numeracy, we are still working on calculations moving our learning on from mental strategies to written strategies- including long multiplication and division! To challenge ourselves further, some classess have applied this in a problem solving context. Others have used numicon; experimenting with different approaches to problem solving.


In Art, we have continued learning about water colours and were lucky enough to have an artist visit us from Hua Hin. She allowed us to apply our skills to a picture of our choice; faciliatating and offering help when necessary.


Finally, we have played an active part in anti-bullying week creating posters to raise awareness, purchasing SHB against bullying wrist bands, supporting the performers at lunch time and engaging in some good conversations on the topic.


20.11.17 : SRE meeting for parents 1.45pm in the Recital Hall

21.11.17: Non-uniform day. 100THB.  Children are not to wear flip flops or football shirts please.


Thank you for your continued support. Have a wonderful, restful weekend!


Mrs Worthington and the Year 6 Team

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6DL-DT Project

In DT this term year 6 had been making recycle drawstring bag using recycles item that they bought from home. We are very proud of the others work so we wanted to post it on this blog to show you all.










-Hugo and Nini


6JB – Literacy Reflecting Diary

We have been doing activities related to explorer’s diaries. It was fun and challenging, this is a photo of Mr B telling and teaching us about timelines. Also we were reading and doing different activities like tenses, personal feelings and colloquialisms.

The bottom photo shows a work made by JJ he is doing his timelines about his explorer. 



6SK – Reading To Year 2

Two weeks ago, 6SK went to the year two’s classroom to read to them. Both of the classes had lots and lots of fun reading to each other. 

Nico reported that the year twos were very cute and clever, one of the kids also said that “I need my reading brain on.”

These are some photos of us reading to the smaller students.

Kris – Mattia


Year 6 – Marvellous Maths Numicon

This week in Maths, we have been using Numicon to show our working out. Also, we have been learning our division while using different methods such as bus stop and long division. It has been very exciting because the students have been using Numicon as they haven’t used it for a while. Here are some examples of the work we have been doing.


















By Mew and Coco


Year 6 – Inter-House Chess Competition

A few weeks ago,  we had a chess competition between the houses lasting for 5 days and on every lunch time. Most of the children played once or twice but there were a few that competed 3 times! The results have only came out today in an assembly. In third place… joint Schweitzer and Kings. In second place… Suu Kyi. And in first place… Teresa!!!

Congratulations to all who took part in the competition and stay tuned in to the blog for more updates ever Tuesday.


By: Thun and Nut


Weekly Review

Dear Parents,

Another busy week in Year 6 has passed us by.

This week in Maths we have explored different strategies (both mental and written) for calculating. This has enabled us to reflect on previous learning and deepen our understanding through teaching this to our friends. We will move into some problem solving as we are challenged to apply skills learnt.

In Literacy we are starting to find out about Ernest Shackleton and will be reading some of his diaries as we learn about diary writing techniques. As we discover more and more about this intrepid explorer, we will begin to create biographies about his travels.

In Art we have started to research about our focus artist for this half-term, Gustav Klimt. We have been challenged to find out about some of his works, including his most valuable piece which sold for a huge 135,000,000 USD!

This week we have also reflected about all of those who have died in conflict and gathered outside for a minute silence.

Next week is anti-bullying week and children are invited to wear odd socks to show their support for this cause (photos of sensational socks to follow).

Thank you for your continued support,

Mr. B and the Year 6 Team.


Year 6 – Explorer Day

Last Thursday, we had our Explorer day. To start of the day, we packed our bags depending on what explorer we are working on. Then we went to pitch our tents and put them back into the bag again. It was very tricky. When we were finished, we then had break. After the break, we got put into our houses. It was Williams with Teresa, Schweitzer with Suu Kyi and Mandela . Then it was 3 activities in a random order (Shipwrecked, Map Making and a QR Hunt). After lunch, Mr B announced an assembly and the long term project.

6JN Bag Pack from SHB Prep on Vimeo.

Stay tuned to the blog for some updates.

–  Thun and Nut





Year 6 – Celebration Assembly

Before half-term we had our celebration assembly, Mr B talked about being respectful, and about what was coming up for the next week. He also announced the celebration assembly winners. They are the following

6JB – Ninnie and Aikky

6SK – Mattia and Nos

6SW – Arianne

6JN – Jenna

6DL – Yuji

English plus – Mattia

Well done to all the people for working hard in their classes. We have had a very good term in year 6. Tune in every Tuesday for updates on the blog.



Celebration assembly winners:


Reading winners:

– Thun and Nut


6DL – Amazing Assembly

6DL  had a wonderful time today performing their assembly all about remembrance to their parents and other children in Prep School. In our assembly, we preformed different drama and looked at the significance of the poppy.

– Hugo and Nini


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