Year 6 – Marvelous Maths Day

On Monday, Year 6 students got a chance to interact with the Year 7 students, to see what maths is like in Senior School. They did a range of activities involving different math units. The activities were: How fast you can run, Jurassic Park, World cup and Construction Building. Most of the students favorite activity was the Construction Building because they said it was very fun and intense. Here is a video of us interviewing the students and some picture of Marvelous Maths Day.

-Jenna & Namsai


6SW – Fabulous Setting Description Write

In 6SW, we have been writing a setting description for our Shakespearean play scripts. Many of us have came up with brilliant ideas such as using the poetic devices that we have learned over the past few weeks such as antithesis, oxymoron, irony, puns and other devices. We all had fun expressing our ideas on that piece of writing. Most of them were FABULOUS and they were really enjoyable to read.

(Pictures from Venice & Arianne’s book)

Do you think you would be able to bring amazing ideas just like these two and how?

-Ohm & Fame

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6JN – Wonderful Musicians

In Music, 6JN has recently been trying to perform a music piece. Here are some examples from Namsai’s group(clarinet) and Oliver’s group(trumpets and trombones).

-Tvisha and Annie


Question Time – Transition To Year 7

We  all know that  the year 6’s are going to move into Senior School soon, so we decided to ask some of the year 6’s what they are most looking forward to and their worries. We also decided to ask some year 7’s honest opinions, tips and what’s great about going into the Senior School!

-Tara.S & Renata


6SK – Romeo & Juliet Art

In 6SK, we have been working on our art canvas, using the themes in R+J and turning them into graffiti. Here are some examples of our pencil sketches:












-Tun and Jaja



Attention all Year 6 students,

Tomorrow, Tuesday 19th June 2018 is a non-uniform day at school. If you wish to take part, please bring 100thb donation for our school charity partners.

Usual rules apply regarding dress: no flip-flops, football shirts or inappropriate items of clothing.


Mr. B


6JN – Literacy – Shakespearean Playscripts

Recently, in Literacy 6JN have been planning to write a play in Shakespearean language. Here is how we did it :

  • first we thought of which Shakespearean themes we wanted our play to have (revenge, murder, romance etc…)
  • then we came up with a setting that would help us develop our themes
  • after that we created some characters that could be in our setting
  • at the end we made a story map to show what we wanted our story to be

Here are 2 examples from Jenna and Ethan:



6DL – Anderson Shelters DT

For the past few weeks, 6DL have been making Anderson Shelters for our last topic, WW2 in DT. Using different materials such as steel wires, wooden sticks, chopsticks, and rubber bands (to secure the chopsticks to the wire) we got a chance to make our own DIY Shelters! We also learned new words like foundation, shell, and wooden frame. We are currently making the shell; the finished piece looked really cool and realistic. Here are some of the examples.

– Alexis and Katie 




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6SK – Happy Birthday Mrs.King!

Happy Birthday Mrs.King! You have been a fabulous teacher this year! Thank you and have a great birthday! Here are the delicious cakes that were given to her by surprise. We really enjoyed eating pizza and sushi cakes! Special thanks to our parent representative; K. Cherry for contributing to the cakes!

-Tun and Jaja 6SK


Year 6 – Primary FOBISIA Games 2018

Over the weekend, 40 students across Year 5 & 6 have been competing in the Primary Fobisia Games (Football, T-ball, Swimming and Athletics). Everyone is very proud of them to be representing Shrewsbury School as amazing athletes. Overall, Shrewsbury got 1st for Athletics. In addition. the Girls Football A team also got 1st place by winning BSM in the very tense finals. Amazingly, the T ball D team was the only team in Shrewsbury that got on the podium as 3rd place. The students would like to give a very big thank you to the coaches and staff who gave up their weekend to come help them in the competition!



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