In Literacy, this week the students have been working hard to improve their writing of diary entries. After deconstructing the diary entries of Ernest Shackleton, we have begun to plan our own diary about an explorer of our choice. We have also been improving our ability to describe using the senses; completing some writing based upon the Danny Macaskill Video – The Ridge.

In Maths, we have been continuing our work on angles looking at finding missing angles in shapes as a main focus.

In Science, we continued our exploration of evolution and begun to explore fossils – their formation and what they tell us about the past.

In Art, the students have been imitating the style of Gustav Klimt – looking at how to effectively use watercolours to create reflections.

In Humanities, we have been researching and debating who really discovered the Americas.

    Mr. Nash on behalf of the Year 6 Team

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Thursday 14th – Class Party (from 1pm)

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