Year 6 have finally finished their long term projects! As you can see, some are just fabulous and show that some of the students have put a lot of effort into them. Below we have a carefully selected gallery of our favorite projects. It was very hard to pick our favorite projects as they are all fantastic!

Year 6 have spent a month working on their projects and now they are complete. The projects can be viewed in their respective classrooms. Last Friday or the 8th of December 2017, the we had a vote to select our favorite projects from each class. We will now list who made the boards below. From left to right, starting from the top. Which one is your favorite? Answer with a comment!

Caleb 6JN, Eric 6JB , Jaja 6SK, Hero 6SK, Venice 6SW, Pei 6SK, Hugo 6DL, Jinly 6DL and Nupp 6JB.

-Wynn and Nini