A Thai tradition— Loy Krathong. All of years 6 dressed up in their Thai clothes and put their Krathongs into the river, presenting a beautiful view. The Loy Krathong tradition is to thank the God of River(พระแม่คงคา).

This is how you make a krathong:



  • Firstly you need to cut the banana leaves.
  • Secondly you pin it on your base of the krathong.
  • Thirdly fold the banana leaves and pin them on(if you want it to be more beautiful, you should fold it three times in different size).
  • Fourthly put them around the base.
  • Fifthly put your lovely flowers in and don’t forget to put the incense stick and candles in properly.
  • That’s it!


Here are some pictures of krathongs we made.