Recently, our class have been learning about fossils. As part of this we made a dinosaur fossil out of plaster of paris. To make a fossil we firstly chose a dinosaur we wanted to make as a fossil. Secondly, we were given 3 colours of clay to mix up. Thirdly, we made the clay into a thick circle and pushed a plastic dinosaurs into the clay making a exact copy of the dinosaur.  After that, we waited for a few minutes for the clay to harden. Then, we pour the plaster into the clay and wait until it dried up. Finally, we took out the dried plaster, which is the dinosaur fossil, and coloured it using any colours of our choice. At the very last point we ended up with a colored fossils.

Here you can see a photo of our fossils, plus a video of how we made them. Additionally we made pic collages of different types of fossils.