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Odd Socks Day – 6TO

This week is anti bullying week so we wore odd socks to show that everyone is unique. Here you see a couple of photos of our socks!

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Art: Reflections – 6TO

This week we have been focusing on painting reflections  the natural resources in Art. Here are some photos of the best paintings made by our class.‍‍

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Extinct Animals – Pic Collages – 6SK

Today, 6SK learned about extinct animals. Million of years ago,humans were not in the world yet. We asked the question – what interesting animals reigned our earth? We made some pic collages about some of the animals. Here you can see some of our work.  

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Shackleton’s Journey – Newspaper Reports – 6PA

This week, 6PA have been working really hard on writing newspaper reports and recounts of Shackleton’s journey. Here you can see some of our work.

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Remembrance – 6DL Assembly

On Tuesday 6th November, 6DL led an assembly about World War One. Did you know that on Sunday it will be the anniversary of the 100th year since the First World War ended? In our assembly we talked about the things that happened and what things there were at that time. Take a look at our […]

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Anti-bullying week

Dear Parents, Next week (12-16 November), schools across the UK will be addressing the difficult and often complex issue of bullying in Anti-bullying week 2018; an initiative promoted by the Anti-bullying alliance ( This year’s theme is ‘Choose Respect’ and we would like to kickstart the week with an ‘Odd Socks Day’ on Monday 12th November. We […]

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Diwali – 14/11/18

Dear Parents, On Wednesday 14/11/18, we will be celebrating the Hindu festival of Diwali (Festival of lights). Our fantastic SP have been selling traditional Diwali dress before and after school. We invite all students in Year 6 to dress up on the day. Many thanks for your continued support, Mr. J. Bilinkewycz

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Explorers Day – 6TO

We had so much fun on ‘Explorers Day’ ! We did a variety of activities during the day and it was an amazing experience. Here are a couple of pictures and a video that we took while doing the activities.

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Explorer Day – 6SK

In Years 6 we have started learning about Explorers.On Tuesday we had an Explorers Day,the amazing teachers set a variety of activities for us: Tent Building, Map Making, QR Code hunt and QR Code presentation. This was the best day ever and we didn’t need to wear school uniform either. Below my report you can […]

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Art – 6SK

  Over the past few weeks 6SK have been looking looking at watercolours in Art. Last week we studied reflections and this week we looked at pictures drawn with pencils first and then went over them with watercolors, however some of us just used watercolors.  

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